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A collection of stories from the world of Hondei'el.

This is a collection of short stories involving Five Major Characters which only One is left to introduce. I have been working at this for a while and I am trying to write a short story collection myself for the first time in the same world.

In the years counting from the Eruption of Orei'Tier, the world has changed from the world of fire and ice to the plains of beauty among the riches of nature's health. From the Crooked Crags of Mount Hildengaard to the Valley of Minerdale, there is beauty in numerous cases such as the Bird capturing a Swallow-Worm to eat to the Majestic tales of the Ridder-Lions of the Mountain Kier'Nai. Thousands upon thousands have heard all the oral tales being told from the mouths of the Elders of their tribes or villages that told of the incomparable Titles of Nature to the Tides of Mortal Wits. All have praised El'Kunach for the Bountiful blessings of such a gift to us. It was first thought through careful consideration that the powers of El'Kunach would be impossible to witness, but they have come to realize all the workings of the planet being made through it. Indeed El'Kunach has servants who carried out his visions being called Kunach'Arei or "Children of Kunach(God)". This has become the fount of the world, but of all the children being so powerful, a child of such horrid imagination rose from them with the mind of the first and last madman on the planet. Terrible and wicked was his heart, but he was casted out of the lots as he was witnessed performing terrible deeds forming Vile creatures of Hate and Fear. This began the Battle of Dark and Light which erupted many Voices of Controversy from the Kunach'Arei. This became known as the "Great Heresy". Now we all know the histories of worlds as they must all end at a point in time, but the world continued on for literally thousands of years after the forming of the Kunach'Arei. This started the greater stories of Hondei'el, the planet which it rests.

Chapter I - The Warrior's TaleEdit

Unusually there was never a cold wind in the Plains of Verei'Te, but it came anyways as a surprise of catchers in a riddance of life.The Blue Skies radiated with the lights of the Cuora in a rainbowish color that made all the happiness of life and light together in one bondage of brotherhood. The grass moved as the words of the ancient ancestors whisper in their hollow tombs to one another about life and death in the afterlife. Of all the warrior's round, there was one called Melniar who was unique. A young lad at this time, his usual is hide clothing with his daggers round his waist, as common a warrior as ever. But there was one thing that toppled all understanding of him and that was he was blessed with the Powers of Iwea, the Kunach'Arei of Justice. On this day he was riding out on Spirit caller and spotted a rare Blue-back Hazelbird.

He smiled as he saw it there, the little bird on the rock as he let his horse drink from the river that cut through the plains nearby. The little undisturbed creature who happened to love the flowers nearby that were as white as the clouds above was also very unusually Motionless for a bird of this type. Melniar looked closely as the bird ate the flowers and noticed the amount at a time that it was eating. He then sat up as he noticed it wasn't startled at all. He then spoke aloud in a soft voice, "Here Bird!"

The Bird turned its head round in shock and looked at him as if he was a predator. "And how on Hondei'el can a human possibly speak to animals?" The bird spoke! Melniar was shocked as he heard it speak. "Perhaps you understand plenty of the surroundings to you? Or maybe you possess the spirit of one of the Children!"

"Indeed!" Melniar exclaimed in answer to his question as he jumped up from his sitting position. "I am Melniar, the Bearer of Iwea, the Kunach'Arei of Justice!" Dumbstruck by the powers of nature at work, he simply gazed in awe as he watched carefully.

This is a story that I have yet to finish, so I will be finishing it shortly, but I have worked on the Poem for the ending of the story.

The Lay of Melniar (Give Back What the Bird Gave)Edit

Child of the Cuora Bright
How do you sleep at night?
Knowing you have powers to sway
The wondrous mights of night and day
To call upon the animal's voice
In times of need for Child, Rejoice!
And to witness all unto his name
Letting your longer life proclaim
A bird you listen to chirp so light
Like another candle in the night
Blown away in times of worry's fear
But worry not for it is always near
Because your faith is stronger than all
So let nothing bring your downfall
Lift the spirit from the grave
Give back what the bird gave

Chapter II - The Wayward WindEdit

Dampened at my heart as I recognized the story of the Wayward Wind from which talked of the Youngest child of a royal family hailing from Frosthund in the Valley of Minerdale. A capital with crowded buildings at every corner and a tight roadway all leading down to the Castle Jaal of the city with its winding and tight corridors and small rooms all complexed within the Vicinity of the large throneroom of Kings passed as they recollect their memories and deeds through their afterlife. Currently at this time, no one held position of king on the throne because there was no male heir, but rather a young lady by the name of Caoira. She survived the weakness of the family and surpassed the Trial that all the other family members could not. A terrible price to pay for such a small task. In this case of event, she remains as ever youthful in her teen years. She never had left the palace because of her past and she never saw any mortal being that wasn't a servant of her family. Moreso a reality of mirrors that clouded her because she felt only terrible sorrow in her judgement. She wished to fight, but not for herself. She wishes to become a knight of the nation.

The room she was in was dusty and old with the smell of rustic wood and stank food in the corner molding from age. Indeed it was the cheese that was aging, but she never ate any of it. There was a small desk with fine carving into it with five Drawers; Not four. Why, this is rather unsual for this place, Considering how strictly Even they were! Four Hundred Doors in the Castle, Eight children, Two Gardens, Seven hundred Thousand Forms of Matters of food, and only Seventy Servants, but a Desk with five drawers in this place is unusual with this family! I can see why they called it the "Odd Desk".

As any case with a Young Girl of her age, she was brushing her hair as she watched herself in the mirror dreaming about things impossible and wishes for many things all at once. She was very anxious at heart and her smile was dropping into a tear. Her eyes let the waters of emotion run down her cheeks to her bosom below. Her White silk dress was stained with red outline that appeared as if she was running more than a normal girl would. Her hair was drenched in a Nut Brown color which brought her to being a suitable young girl to give away to a prince. She knew she would never break free of this prison and laid her head down on the table in dismay.

"Why doesn't this change? Why can't this change?" She mumbled under her breath as her tears soaked the desk and expanded the wood. She couldn't care more for all the gold in the world, almost as if she was only a peasant with nothing who wants everything impossible. She continued crying for a little while longer till a voice rang in her head.

"Why so sorrowful? Why not explore a little more of the castle?" A small voice, but a wise voice indeed! She has heard it many times before as a small whisper of Ideas, so she took it's advice many times. She lifted her head and stopped her tears from coming down and wiped her eyes with her hand. She realized it was right and stood up from her chair and walked out of the room. She took the right of the hall to follow down a long corridor which she has never been to before. She furthered down as she squeezed through the tight corridors, passing every door to follow every turn. Continuing on with the path she took. After a while of wandering through the endless halls of Wood, she heard the voice once more. "Now you don't feel sad anymore, do you? I am glad I could help!" She paused and turned around to see the person speaking, but couldn't see who.

"Who are you? I've heard your voice many times before, and I want to know who you are!" She Demanded a name from the voice. She stood there looking dumber than a rock tossed in the wind.

"I know you're shocked enough to hear my voice many times, so I will clarify my purpose to you. I am the Wind." The voice's last words echoed into Caoira's ear as a shock. Her eyes opened wide open in surprise as she didn't know that this was possible.

"How? They said the wind only speaks to those with the spirit of a god in them, so that must mean-" Caoira was then taken completely off topic of her life. "You're the Wayward wind! The wind without reason!"

"Indeed I am, but you wouldn't know what I have done for your family if you hadn't seen the miracles that I've performed!" A gust of wind came behind Caoira. She turned around to look where it came from.

"Where are you? You must be someplace, surely!"

"I'm everywhere," The wind said louder than last with the wind circling round Caoira. She spun round as she looked to find only air surrounding her. the wind continued on. "But you cannot see me! I am only a Part of nature which makes me the invisible Beauty of all things."

Caoira pondered a moment as she spun round in the hall with almost no space to spin. "If that is your purpose, than why were you created? to cool the heated on a hard and long day?"

"I am here because I am needed for the world to work! If it weren't for me, there would be no Valley of yours and the Falling of the Tree wouldn't have happened!" the wind sped up as a gust blew harder down the hall. Caoira held onto the handle of a door in the hall as the gust went down through the corridor.

"Then the only purpose for you is construction of the world and destruction! You cannot possibly be made for beauty and you mustn't be made for understanding! Maybe the gateway of heaven be your goal?" She kept turning round and round as she watched darkness swirl round her.

"Indeed I am! But I am also of life! Can't you feel the air around you? Every breath you take, every drop of air you breath is me! I am the very thing coursing through your veins, I am your supplier of unlimited support of air! So do not call me insufficiant!" The wind picked up heavier as she clinged tighter onto the Handle. Her hair was blown back and her eyes squinting to make out the wind.

"Very well, you are great in numbers! Harder to believe you aren't real because of the wind! Tell me, can you blow harder?" She knew what she was doing and felt the need to do it. The voice chuckled and the wind picked up speed.

"Of course, there wouldn't be a way not to prove I'm not real because I am here anyways. I am your guide and you are my Master, so your wish will be my command!" the wind then sped up faster and faster until the floors started to creak and the air bursted into a wave of sound beyond what the ear can hold. she closed her eyes tightly with her hair flowing back longer and it felt like it was going to rip off. the wind chuckled and said, "Are you done? This surely is enough! I cannot stand to see you suffer anymore!" Caoira simply smiled and said through the roaring wind,

"Let it blow! Blow harder! It isn't Enough!" The wind heard it and was shocked. He then followed the command the wind blew it's hardest like a raging Hurricane pounding down inside the building with the wood flying round, the door was about to rip until it was heard; The footsteps of a man with Wooden shoes. She opened her eyes and ran into the wind and found the man within arm's reach and pulled him in. The voice screamed aloud as the man was being tugged away from the wind. The wind stopped and Caoira with the man flew to the end of the hall rather fast. The man was handsome, but was also very unusual being pulled out of the wind. The man smiled and said,

"Thank you for freeing me! The wind was crueler than ever, but can you tell me how you knew it would work?" Caoira paused for a second then laughed brightly as she found this man innocent of anything.

"I heard an old tale from one of the maid's about the wind and said the wind's footsteps can be heard in a Hurricane's wrath. I followed it and finally heard it. That's how I knew!" As she finished, they both laughed at this and wandered back through the castle to find the maids.

Excerpt From the Book of Caoira, the ProphetessEdit

...And Forth Came the Wind in a flurry to steal my light, but tempted not, I did not fail. I came forth with the powers of history and spake of command to blow harder. And It Came to Past that the wind did blow harder and I heard the footsteps of the wind. For then I took him of the Wind and saved a man unknown. - Paragraph 19 of Chapter 3

Chapter III - By the Blade of VengeanceEdit

A River of blood flowed out of the Walled city. The red clouds with the heavy scent of smoke, it showed the signs of a war. The Grass was spilt with crimson stains, the trees were lit and the Screams that echoed through the world disappeared. It was a sight of war, a sight of disgrace to all of nature. There on the side of the city lay all of the enemies slit to the extended point of no return. The townspeople lie dead in the river which the very sight made the dead roll over in their graves. The army that stood there was a small one, but a mercenary Army at that. Kengis kneeled on the hill with his sword in front covering his entire face. His head bowed down as he held his hand closed towards his face. He then said, "Fathers of my fathers, would you shame me? Even if I did not commit a crime, but an act of lunacy?"

"Of course you didn't!" A Stubby man behind said while walking up the hill, "You're just a regular who had a troublesome job. Look Lively now! There's Feasting ahead!" He came up to Kengis and as he pat him on the back, Kengis picked his sword out of the ground in a whiplash and came to point the sword at the Stubby man.

"Would you know mercy if you were begging at its feet?" He said as tears rolled from his eyes. He then yelled at him, "Would you know what's like to be the one who has the sword right at their neck?" He moved the blade to his neck. The other Mercenaries turned round in shock as they heard him. They knew he had gone mad. The stubby man was nervous as the blade was pointed at him.

"Come on then, Finish me!" He shouted foolishly as he thought Kengis was Bluffing. "If you've got guts enough to kill these people, then kill me!" As immediately, His head rolled off. The Other Mercenaries were struck with fear as they saw his head come off clean. Kengis then took a Cloth and wiped the blood from the blade. He smiled and then his eyes twinkled.

"You're Next." He charged at them with his blade at the ready, the speed began to pick up and the wind fell behind him.The Blade swung round as the Mercenaries scrambled in a mess. He arrived with a swift slice to the first man's throat.

He fell to the ground. The others hurried for their swords. They all started their charge at him. they made it to his feet where he said, "It's time!"

He hurled himself into the air. He vanished from their sights as they wondered. As qucik as they were, he came down faster.

First man held his sword up, but was too slow. Kengis Sliced his throat and he dropped like a fish.

The second and third charged at him and tried to hit him. They both missed as he jumped into the air. He came down fast and struck them down.

The Rest came charging in battle formation with swords pointing up and out. Someone shot an arrow out, but he dodged it. He then lifted his long blade of iron to swing down as he flew downward. As he did that, a gust of wind struck them and they stumbled backwards

He came right up and Smiled as they all laid there in horror. He then lifted his blade and charged with the speed of the wind behind him. As he finished, none were alive.

He then heard clapping behind him. He then turned slowly to look as to who was clapping. He saw there on the opposite side of him another in a white suit wearing a top hat andjq a Red Bow. Looking ridiculous, the only thing that was frightening about him was his smile. It curved round his face as it touched his cheek bones, almost passing it. His eyes glared with Green Supremacy as showing of his wealth. It was a stranger's face never to forget.

"Who're you?" Kengis asked in wonder.

The Stranger took a step forward and started walking towards him as he started to talk. "I've seen only three people kill as fast as you do and none of them are human. So you see, I know you aren't of this world which brings you to the understanding that I know what you are." Kengis took a step back and stepped every step the Man came closer. Something about the man was not right as seen in his eyes. They finally stopped when Kengis was at the cliff edge. The stranger's smile widened as he knew the next to come.

He reached for his blade as Kengis lifted his. Kengis heard the screeching of the steel as it came out. He then lept into the air with his sword at the ready. He swung it with a large gust of wind coming through.

The stranger stumbled back as he felt the wind. He continued to smile as he lept into the air as well. Their swords clashed as the edges of steel heated. Hovering above, they didn't come down for a while.

Finally they broke away and landed back onto the ground. Kengis charged back at the Stranger. His sword picked up more leverage with the heat. He melted the air as his charge was faster and faster. The stranger got up and looked at him charging. He lifted his sword and prepared an attack. He then shouted, "Behold! I am one of you, so now witness my power!"

A glowing light emited from his sword. The air picked up around him. He then lifted his sword in the air. Kengis was almost there.

The Stranger then pulled down his sword with the air force he had. He then ran at the same speed as Kengis. They collided and a burst of air came flying out of the mayhem.

The stranger struck from the right, but Kengis Blocked.

Kengis Struck from the Head, but the Stranger Dodged it and stabbed Kengis.

Kengis then fell to the ground knowing he would die at this stranger's hands. The stranger stood there as he pondered on what to do.

"Now you have me, finish me!" Kengis said as the stranger pondered. He then smiled and said,

"Nah, it wouldn't be as much fun! After all, I can't kill you yet." The stranger then started to walk away as he was satisfied. Kengis then picked himself up off the ground. He started walking injured towards the stranger as he said,

"Wait! Why are you here?" The stranger turned round and looked at him in the eyes.

"The same purpose, I'm by the Blade of Vengeance."

the Mysterious TravelerEdit

No one ever liked a dead beat man in Minerdale, but things like that did come once in a while. A man we'd all meet once in our lifetime. His name is called the Traveler, but his purpose is needed. The mysterious atmosphere surrounding this man is like a fire to a candle. Every distances he has covered made him a much more secretive man. Deeply rooted in his secrets, nobody knows what this man truly wants because he wants nothing, needs nothing. The traveler is someone indeed mysterious with only a hint of his path uncovered. One day he came to Yutei'el dressed in his usually black clothings with his hat of gray. He had a face that made people wonder more often than not about him.

He came into the town with his horse who was tired of running around the fields looking for a water fount. As came further into the town with his head held low, but people noticed him more than not. Children stared at him as he pasted on by. His horse brayed and thought to himself as he watched his path. Truly mysterious as not a man could break into his mind. He then came up to the Inn where the Bar usually was (well considering that it was in a carriage).

He got off his horse and walked with the horse to the stables. There he found the Farmboys working with the other horses and the Horsemaster of the town. The horsemaster watched as if the man was a real stranger. The Traveler then came up to the Horsemaster and said, "Take my horse into great care. I'll pay you well." The traveler was very soft spoken and his voice didn't raise much attention. The horsemaster nodded and took the horse from the Traveler, but the traveler held on for a second, but then let go.

The Horsemaster looked back at him suspiciously as he wondered more about the traveler. He then just shrugged his shoulders and gave the horse to the Farmboys who took the horse into the Stable. The Traveler then went to the doorstep of the Inn round the place. He stood at the door of the inn which was an old rotting wooden door with holes in it. He then opened up the door to a place that was worse than the door.

It was old and dusty in there, but it was good enough. The Traveler walked up to the bar as the wood creaked underneath him. The people in there eyed him with a bad feeling from him. The bartender didn't say his normal to travelers, but he did come to the traveler and say, "What do you want?"

"I want a simple drink and a room for the night. I'll stay no longer, but no shorter either." the bartender didn't look past that and said,

"Alright, but you must leave by 8:00 in the morning. What kind of drink do you want?"

"I'll take a Glass." The soft spoken traveler said. The bartender then walked over to the Bar and grabbed the Traditional Sei'Tie, the sacred wine. It was blue and green like it usually is, but it smelled horrible. He then reached under to get the glass. As he did, a man from a table stood up. A brutish man with a bulging set of muscles. He came over to the bar and sat down.

"Hey, can you tell me where the "Pale Moon" is?" The Brute asked, insulting the Traveler by mentioning the pale of his skin. The bartender then rose above the bar and looked at the brute in a stern way.

"Liedar, can you ever try to keep your mouth shut? Such a horrible idiot..." The brute then leaned over the bar and grabbed the bartender's shirt.

He then angrily said, "What'd you say!? I'm gonna break you up, old man!" He then lifted his fist and as he was going to hit the bartender, he felt something on his arm restricting him from hitting the bartender. It was the traveler who drank from the glass of his.

"Don't." The traveler said softly. He then finished his glass afterwards. Liedar then looked at him surprised, but then put the bartender down and reached for the traveler. The traveler then just simply moved his arm around and smacked him. Liedar flew back to the end of the room and his head on the wall. The traveler then said,

"Another round for me." The bartender who was shocked didn't hear the traveler. Everybody in the room was looking at Liedar who was at the end of room knocked out for the first time in his life. The traveler, who didn't receive an answer for a few minutes then rose from his seat and went upstairs leaving Liedar against the wall.

The traveler went through the dusty corridors with the crooked torn pictures and the broken flower vases filled with sand. At the end was a broken window which let in a draft. He turned and used his key to open up his room. He found in there a bed and a desk which were covered in dirt and haven't been used in a long time. Cobwebs hung in the room as the sword on the wall was rusting. the traveler then sat down on the bed and looked at a mysterious mark on his shoulder. In the shape of a Wolf, it was unique to him because no one knows where it came from.

"Jeik!" A voice from the past entered his head. It still remains unclear as to who Jeik is to anybody. But in his mind he saw a vision of a fire. A barn burning in the fire with all the horses and Other Animals running away from it. The house was also on fire with children trying to get out of the rubble. An elderly woman stood at the footstep of it all and waved her hand that calmed the fire down. The fire then diminished until there was none left. Only three children survived, but the vision blurred after that.

The Traveler is looking for answers to his questions. Who is he? What is his purpose? What is this mark? He continued to ponder, but suddenly realized he let his guard down. Immediately his mind's shield went up again. He then laid down on the bed and closed his eyes. He finally fell asleep.

He suddenly heard a clatter out in the hall. He woke up silently and heard the door quietly opening up. Liedar and three other brutes stood there with hammers ready to pound the traveler to death. As Liedar lifted his heavy hammer in the air, he prepared to strike. He then whispered to himself, "Time for revenge!"

He swung downward, but the Traveler grabbed hold of the hammer and pushed it upward. Liedar couldn't believe what he saw.

The traveler rose up from his bed in anger and threw the hammer to the side.

Liedar then swung at him with his arm. The Traveler grabbed hold of his arm. He swung him round and threw him out the door.

He stepped out of his room where Liedar was with his two brutes.

The Traveler picked them up and threw them all out the window, one by one.

Afterwards, the bartender ran upstairs from his room and saw the Traveler there. "I knew you'd cause me trouble!" He shouted. at him. The traveler then looked at him. The bartender continued on with his rambling and then rushed back to bed after hearing his wife calling from downstairs. The traveler then went back to sleep.

He woke up in the morning and felt refreshed from the sleep. He then rose from his bed and came out of the room and walked out the hall. He came to the bar where the Bartender was. He then said, "Hope you do well against the brutes of yours." The bartender was shocked to find out that the traveler knew that they were his sons. The Traveler then walked out of the Inn and went to the stable. There he saw the three brutes again with his horse. They were foolishly challenging the Traveler.

"We've got you now! Get Him boys!" They all charged at him with swords this time and were meaning business.

The traveler then quickly reached for his back. He pulled out a long Sword that was 5 Feet long.

He had them charge at him. They tried to slice him, but he blocked. Liedar's blade struck and hit hard steel.

The traveler only defended against their attacks, but grew quite tired and swiped them off their feet. He then struck his heavy blade into the ground. They all three started to panic and tried to get up.

Liedar was crying his eyes out when he saw the blade. He couldn't believe the inconceivable power that came crashing down to his side. He then hurried up and got up to run away. The traveler then smiled and gladly took his horse by the Reins. He then rode out with the Farmboys gathered round the Stables. They watched as the unusual stranger left. As he came to the streets, he saw the people all looking at him more softly, almost kindly.

The Bartender who was looking through the window was on the other hand, upset. His sons were injured and crying because of this Traveler. He closed the blinds and ran to the door. He opened it up wide and yelled to him, "You're a disgrace! You spineless Aik'e!" Aik'e is an equivalent of a female dog, a houndess. The Traveler then turned round and to his ear's surprise, he took it quite well. He smiled and then he rode his horse right on out of the town.

As he made it very far from the town, he heard another voice from the past. "You know you can't do well without something to use!"

He remembered the forest he lived in with a small hut in the center. Two children were playing while one was inside looking out the window to the forest. An elderly lady was there cooking up some freshly baked goodies. She was walking round the kitchen, but everytime she did, she caught a glimpse of him. She couldn't stand it after a while and came up to him and said, "Are you alright?"

He didn't speak, but just continued to stare out the window. His mind did tend to drift from question to question, but heard her alright. "Jeik! I'm talking to you! Are you alright?"

He still didn't answer, so the elderly woman came down and hugged him and said into his ears, "Please be alright. I care about you."

He didn't answer at first, but then bursted into tears and cried on her shoulders. As almost a coincidence, it then began to rain outside. The children ran inside and were soaking wet as they ran inside. The quaint cottage floor was covered in mud. They then sat at the fireside and had a good time telling stories and ate baked treats. Jeik did well to keep his spirits up and didn't fail to do so. As the memory began to pass, the blurry parts came and finally the Traveler was concious once more.

He saw he had ran the entirety of the road and made it very far. He didn't look back, but instead headed forward. It didn't stop him with his memories, but they did help him regain some sense of Identity. He continued on till sundown and made his way across, never stopping. Maybe he will come back again, but maybe not. All that awaits him now is the future.

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