Stephens is a Lance Corporal in the UNSCMC and ODST Drop Team 215 during the Third battle of Earth, and is more commonly known by his nick-name of Rebel. He is the team wisecrack and Sniper, and shares alot of qualities with Knight.


Rebel is the Squad's Sniper. He grew up alongside Peterson and McNair, and accepts them as his best friends. He was always the shortest person in his training, but usually passed. What he lacked in intimidating appearance he made up for with severe aggression and attitude, some of which rubbed off on his teammates, particularly Knight.

Early HistoryEdit

Stephens grew up alongside McNair and Peterson, both of which he lived down the street from. He lived with his mother until they moved away. When he was 18 he heard the Peterson had joined the UNSCMC and left to join as well hoping to find him.

Life in the MarinesEdit

Once in training, Stephens was quiet disobedient and malignant, striking his drill sergeant earning himself a demotion to recruit, and not listening to his commanding officer as a PFC, earning himself a demotion to Private. Eventually, he was reunited with Dixie. The two decided to stick together until they found Peterson, and eventually, they did find him as the XO of a squad of Elite ODSTS, and he selected them to be the new recruits.


While Stephens shares many personality traits similar to that of Peterson, he is unlike him the essence that he actually cares for allied Marines, Stephens doesn't. And Stephens has no real control of his anger whereas Peterson does.


  • Stephens is alot like Romeo of Halo 3 ODST, they're both snipers.
  • He is the smallest male character of the series.
  • Him and the heavy weaponist, Knight's colors are switched, as the sniper is usually blue and vice versa.

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