The Stellar Kingdom of Laurasia was the name for the unified Laurasian state before the Laurasian Empire. The Stellar Kingdom existed, in some form or another, for over nine centuries, during three Laurasian Periods (412-630, 657-840, and 1080-1321), with the exception of two periods of foreign domination and rule (630-657 under the Lacian Despotate and 840-1080 under the Dasian Hordes). The kingdom of Laurasia emerged out of the fragmentation of the Sennacherid Empire, a successor state of the Arachosian Empire (3rd century AH-354 AH), which had conquered the Stellar Republic of Laurasia in 333. When Arachosia fell, the Viceroy of the Laurasian Star System, Honorius, proclaimed himself King of the Laurasians. During the First Laurasian Period (412-630), Laurasia became a major state of the Core Worlds, competing with Horacia, Clancia, Ivoria, Venasia, Marshia, Goldaria, Rebecca, and other states for dominance. It prospered under the kings Augustus (549-582), Claudius (582-603), and Horax (603-623). In 630, Laurasia was invaded and forced into vassalage by the Lacian Despotate, remaining under Lacian suzerainty until 657. King Perseus (r. 653-659), reasserted Laurasian sovereignty in 657, as the Lacian Despotate disintegrated.

During the Second Laurasian Period (657-840), Laurasia acquired even greater prosperity, extending its dominion over 250,000 worlds and stretching from the Core Worlds to the Inner Territories at the height of its power. Kings Constantine (659-687), Marcus Aurelius (687-712), and Flavius Aetius (712-746), greatly extended Laurasian territory and defeated her rivals Horacia (669), Clancia (683-687), Venasia (694-96), Rebecca and Ivoria (700), and Goldaria (719). Laurasian colonies stretched as far out as the Outer Borderlands. Economic and political deterioration then set in, leading to the loss of numerous territories during the 810s and 820s, and from 830 Laurasia came under the attack of the Dasians. In 840, Laurasia Prime was devastated and conquered, and Laurasia fell under the Dasian Yoke (840-1080), a time in which the Kingdom ceased to exist as the Laurasians were subjugated and held in thrall to the Dasians.

Laurasia eventually revolted under Honorius I the Liberator in 1075, regaining her independence five years later. Over the next two centuries, Laurasia experienced both successes and reverses. It fought conflicts with neighbors such as the Dasian Khanates, Briannia, Polonia, Venasia, and the Solidaritan Sultanate; gradually extended its rule over most of the Central Core, Murphy, Malaria, Kelvania, and Morgania; and went through the tribulations of the reign of Honorius the Terrible and the Time of Troubles. From 1296, however, Seleucus I embarked upon vigorous military campaigns and implemented sweeping administrative, military, and social reforms. In 1321, following the Laurasian victory in the Great Briannian War, Seleucus proclaimed himself Emperor and Autocrat of All the Laurasians, establishing the Laurasian Empire. With this, the Stellar Kingdom of Laurasia ended after over nine hundred years.

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