Hi Hello How are you I'm well. She seemed too happy in such brief a crossing of crossroads, but that's how people are when waving to strange strangersUser:Serprex 08:03, March 12, 2011 (UTC)

Hung on a hook to sag, you'll make sure not to miss the fresh meat to serve
Out to challenge the world, you'll struggle to leap the puddle to swing
When moments last, they never do
Offer a queen what she deserves, a cheer to nothing
Silence on the set, out out out, quiet yourself, stay awhile, pass the tea, do you mind?
That's enough, really it is

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me fuck off
Binge to the fullest so that when it's all over you see how to reduce it in the future
In the future the past will be reduced

Getting it all right is alright, but this decorative sheath must be pulled back for the truer strike
Learn to mount lies in honesty, or dismount and bear bare arms

Allow me the liberty of the former: The correlation of random points is found through a convex hull
Now allow me no further liberties
But one more? To please? Before the end is through

A final moment
One that knows it won't last
All I ask
& more

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