The Unexpected Traveler, by Danny1521

An unexpected time traveler comes through the Stargate while General Mark Landry discuss with 3 of the 5 Sg-1 Members about gathering up five people to be the new SG-1. Surprising, the time traveler is one a future version of a future member of the new SG-1. When the time traveler learn the date, he dissappers from his prison cell leaving one message to where he is going.

Chapter 1Edit

2025 On a planet thats under attack by the Lucian Alliance. A man wearing a SG-1 uniform was standing at the DHD crying as he dial the symbols for Earth. The man was Dan Littlefield and he was crying as he felt guilty. Near by were three bodys (one man and two women)wearing the same uniform. Dan Littlefield ways of turning a misson into a suicide one took the lives of three of his comrades and his fourth one was outside guarding the entrie point of the Pyramid. The stargate activated and Dan type in a 30 digit numeric code on his GDO then press a botton on his radio. "Rya'c; time to go." He said. "I can't. I'm under heavy fi..." then there was nothing but static. "Rya'c? Rya'c!" Shouted Dan but there was nothing but Static. Realizing Rya'c was dead, Dan sadly step through the stargate.

Chapter 2Edit

2015 Earth In the Control Room of the SGC, Mitchell was talking to a major. "So what is General Landry talking to the rest SG-1 about?" ask the major. "With the new 30 digit Iris code, he is planing to gather five people to be train to become the next SG-1." responded Mitchell. "You don't say?" then the stargate activated "Offworld activation, reading 30 digit Iris code." "What there are no teams offworld today or have the new Iris Codes." a tall black hair man came through wearing a SGC uniform then Mitchell press the botton that activate the comm in the gate room,"Who the Hell are you?"

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