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From the birth of Palpatine, to non-redeemable Darth Sidious.

Chapter I: Palpatine is bornEdit

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Palpatine's BoyhoodEdit

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Father DiesEdit

Failed TestEdit

Join SithEdit

Darth Plagueis: "This one is strong in the Force. With him, i can bring to fruition the long awaited revenge of our Order. I was wise to hide him from the Jedi... as they usually take children everywhere to train in the temple."

Darth Plagueis: "A new life begins, apprentice. You must tell me what you fear most, so that i know what you must face; tell me what you crave, so that i might deny it; and tell me what is your greatest power, so that i can use it to break you. Only when your spirit is broken, you may be worthy to join the Sith Order; then, i will teach you everything i know, the Dark Side, and the Light Side; the Jedi will die, not by the use of mere weapons... they will be poisoned, so that a plague can spread in the Republic. The Republic will die by its own sickness."

The second lifeEdit

A MistakeEdit

Darth Sidious: (thinking) "...this young Zabrak... he is strong in the Force. He can be a valuable asset to my plan. Patience...the throne of the Sith shall be mine... in time..."

New BeginningEdit

Plagueis MurderEdit

Darth Sidious: (thinking) "...and now, Master, i shall take your place, as it is the tradition of our Order..."

The complite SithEdit

Palpatine: Now I shall rule the galaxy alone!!

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