Star Trek is...

Star Trek is...

Star Trek is... is a fan fiction project started by Tim Thomason on June 3, 2007. The premise is that they are stories belonging to a single series (Star Trek is...), and as such is intended to focus on seven season, with about 12-14 episodes each.


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Direct ContributorsEdit

Indirect ContributorsEdit


Anyone and anything can contribute to any page of this project in any style. Hence why it is placed on a wiki and not on some other site (that and the fact that its free, and User:Tim Thomason is only comfortable in wiki editing).

It's requested that users use their best judgment in order to make sure that any page does not conflict with each other.


There are two types of canon in Star Trek is...: internal and external. Internal canon is making sure everything adds up and doesn't conflict with other pages on the project. External canon is making sure nothing conflicts, heavily, with official Star Trek canon.

Given the nature of this project attempting to emulate a fictional series, any official or unofficial non-canon Star Trek work should be ignored as much as possible, as it would be impossible to not conflict with these works.

Q&A projectEdit

After many of the first and second season episodes are written, the penultimate episode of the second season, "Q&A," is intended to be written.

The basic outline of this episode is that April (or someone else?) will be "spirited away" by a mysterious Thomas Halloway (a Q, but that's never stated). April, for some reason, will be given a chance to ask as many questions as he likes and Halloway will answer them as much as possible, albeit, in occasionally cryptic or humorous ways.

The episode is intended to help, with the episode "For the Republic," shift the series in a different direction for Season 3 and beyond by answering questions that have popped up throughout the series and solving old mysteries.

Anyone can forward a question to be answered on Talk:Q&A or an answer to a question there, or a question and answer to be provided, and the author(s) of Q&A will try to include them all as is reasonable for the story.

Other ideasEdit

Another idea yet-to-be initiated includes adding some type of legend or onscreen description at the end of an episode to help make canon connections in ways that would be hard to tell in text. This would be necessary in script-based stories.

Running jokes that have been considered include making (almost) everything Skurpaj says a question and making cryptic references to Travis Mayweather (while revealing as little as possible) in every episode.

Pre-Fiction Wiki WorksEdit

  • Star Trek is..., the original pitch written by Tim Thomason in December 2005. (currently 13 of 30 pages re-written from notebook pages)
  • Star Trek is... Appendices: I, II, III, IV, written variously between February 2006 and January 2007.
  • Triumvirate (see below), originally written by Tim Thomason elsewhere on the internet.


Season 1 (Pitch)Edit

Season 1 storylines are in the original pitch and when written, should roughly correspond to the storylines.

Episode 2-Part? Quick Storyline Special Guest Stars (Bold indicates canon)
The Next Cage Yes Series premiere: April is given command of Yorktown. Fights Axanar. Ends up on Betazed. Lwaxana
The Women No The Yorktown transport a trio of Deltans. Ilia
The Strangers No Two time travellers witness the events surrounding Medusan first contact. Duncan & Danielle, Gav, Kollos
War Yes The Yorktown discover an abandoned group of Reman shock troops. Reman defector, Romulan Commander
Anarchy No The Yorktown are dispatched to rescue John Gill from the anarchic planet Chalna. Esoqq, John Gill
A.I. No The Yorktown investigate an apparently intelligent machine on the Sirius colony. Vendorian spy
Territory No The Yorktown is boarded by Klingons on the way to Organia. Gral, Rynar, Kor
Vulcanis No Ceremonies abound as T'Pau allows Vulcan to be visited by off-worlders. However, a group of rogue Andorians wish to stop it. Amanda Grayson, Sarek, T'Pau, Talla Shran
Argus No Shore leave on the pleasure planet Rigel IV is ruined by a group of shelled Argosians, the "true Rigellians." None currently
Shadows No The Yorktown crew deliver material to help build the Janus VI colony, despite rumors of ghosts. Vanderberg, Mother Horta
Medieval Times No The Yorktown visit Rhaandaran, where April finds himself stuck in a "duel." None currently
The Rec Room No Dr. William Zimmerman uses the Yorktown for his experiments in "solid holograms." William Zimmerman

Season 2Edit

Only 5 of 12 episodes are planned for Season 2.

Episode 2-Part? Quick Storyline Special Guest Stars (Bold indicates canon)
Triumvirate No The Yorktown transports Sarek to Memory Alpha and April discovers something shocking about the captain of the Astral Queen. George Kirk, Sarek, David McCoy
unnamed No April meets the supposed "love of his life" as she acts as liaison to the upcoming Memory Alpha ceremony. Sarah Archer, George Kirk, Sarek
unnamed No April must deal with his hero becoming a jealous father as he discovers his upcoming promotion to Commander. Sarah Archer, Jonathan Archer, George Kirk, Sarek
The Admiral No A retired Admiral of great importance takes advantage of the Yorktown crew. Malcolm Reed
Q&A No April finds himself in another continuum where he can have any question answered, but can he escape? Thomas Halloway
For the Republic No April is offered the position of executive officer aboard the USS Republic. Will he accept? None currently

Season 3 and BeyondEdit

Since it is currently intended for April to accept the Republic position, Season 3 will feature less of April as it will focus on both the crews of the Republic and the Yorktown (perhaps in alternating and interconnected stories).

The Yorktown is planned to be destroyed in the final episode of either Season 3 or Season 4 and many of the main characters will be spread out. The current intention is that the crew will be (mostly) reunited in the 7th season aboard the USS Republic.

Nonimportant has suggested a mirror universe episode. An idea planned could include Skurpaj being somehow transported to the mirror universe and tortured (perhaps by "himself"), before returning and being secretive to the crew about it (War should record that Skurpaj has a Section 31 past). This could also be second season episode (which would fit the symmetry of both Star Trek and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine having their first mirror universe episode in the second season).


Some have criticized Star Trek is... for lacking any antiheroes or morally ambiguous characters. Steps should be taken to avoid this, but it should still be a relatively optimistic future populated by "good guys" who encounter most of the "evil" outside of the Federation.

The title "Star Trek is..." is seen as not indicative of the series. It is taken directly from a fan name for Gene Roddenberry's original Star Trek pitch. It is supposed to be the opposite idea of Enterprise, which took the "Star Trek" out of the title (at first), as it made "Star Trek" a necessary qualifier of the title.

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