War, Anarchy, A.I.

War- Skurpaj and April take a team and a shuttle to investigate a planet near the Romulan Neutral Zone. One by one the shuttle's crew is taken out, including possibly the first "redshirt" death of the series. At first, they believe it to be a group of Romulans, but discover it to be a group of Remans. In the second part, one of the Remans attempts to defect and spends some time aboard the Yorktown. On their way to Earth, a Romulan warbird de-cloaks and is able to send another group of Remans aboard the Yorktown, and "surgically" terminate the defecting Reman. When April reports to Starfleet Command, the Command chooses not to pursue the matter, and the mission is classified.


Anarchy- The Yorktown is assigned to pick up cultural historian John Gill, who is studying the anarchical society on Chalna. The crew discover that some of the Chalnoth have imprisoned Gill in the various caves on the planet. April and Skurpaj plan a daring rescue, but Gill doesn't want to leave and the plan goes awry. April must think on his feet and use the Chalnoth's lack of government structure to save himself, Gill, and Skurpaj.


A.I.- The Yorktown visit the Sirius colony for a new load of dilithium. The miners are really frightened and claim that the automation system has grown a mind of its own, and had already killed one of the miners. The Yorktown investigates and at the end of the episode discover that the real culprit is an escaped Vendorian shape-shifter from the Romulan War.

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