The Next Cage, The Women, The Strangers
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The Next Cage- Perhaps a two-parter, this episode will deal with April receiving word that he is to be placed in command of the SS Yorktown. Although joyous at getting his first command, after meeting with the crew he realizes that he may be stuck in a position he doesn't want, like a cage. On his first trip, through Axanar space, their ship is shot at and April and Skurpaj are transported away as the Yorktown retreats into a nebula. April and Skurpaj are imprisoned on an Axanar prison ship, and together work to commandeer it. In the act of commandeering the ship, they are forced to make an emergency landing on an uncharted planet. Waking out of unconsciousness, April discovers himself in an idyllic paradise. At first he believes to have died, but soon finds out he is on a planet of telepaths, known as "Betazed" and that their is no feasible escape. With the help of a young Betazoid girl, April makes his way back to the prison ship and contacts the Yorktown. Both April and Skurpaj are transported to the ship, as it makes its stealthy exit from Axanar territory.


The Women- The Yorktown has to transport a group of Deltans from their home to the Rigel colonies. On the way, April becomes transfixed, and obsessed, with one of the Deltans, but has to come to his senses when he realizes that he cannot break his oath to Starfleet or his commitment to send her to the colony.


The Strangers- Since Star Trek wouldn't be Star Trek without at least one time travel story, here is an example. The story will be set from the point of view of a bickering time-travelling couple, from the 32nd century, who pose as crewmen aboard the Yorktown. They are there to witness a momentous event, the Medusans joining the Federation, and witness when it goes awry when the Tellarite ambassador is accidentally driven insane.

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