Shadows, Medieval Times, The Rec Room
File:Janus VI colony.jpg

Shadows- The Yorktown is delivering material to build the new mining colony on Janus VI. Several crewmen are attacked while setting up some machines on the planet. A security team investigates, and although they never figure out what creature it is, Chief Engineer Vanderberg of Janus VI decides to "stick it out" and start the colony anyway, despite objections from April.

File:Robed aliens.jpg

Medieval Times- The Yorktown must go to Skurpaj's home planet. They are in awe of the planets magnificent castles and curious civilization. While most of his crewmates enjoy extravagant luxury given by their hosts, April finds himself stuck in a duel with a Rhaandarite royal.


The Rec Room- The Yorktown transport a young scientist, Dr. William Zimmerman, to Earth. Dr. Zimmerman's work with "solid holograms" is becoming quite renown. He sets up several huge holoemitters across the ship and the holograms become a bit of a nuisance. The holograms start developing a mind of their own and start attacking crewmembers. After being besieged by holograms, the crew are finally able to destroy the central emitter, but the shock of his creations' "deaths" causes Dr. Zimmerman to suffer a brain aneurysm. April promises to transport his work to Earth authorities in hopes of perfecting "solid holograms."

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