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The series will be set aboard the S.S. Yorktown, an old military cruiser converted into a freighter, as it travels through space. This will occur in the year 2229, almost 80 years after Archer (Star Trek: Enterprise) and 40 years before Kirk (original Star Trek). The Yorktown will be crewed by members of "U.E.S.P.A.," an old Earth space organization that is undergoing a "merger" with the United Federation of Planets and their exploratory service, "Starfleet." The UESPA ship has been commanded for at least 5 years by the mysterious "Number One" when they are put under "provisional" command of a Starfleet officer, Lieutenant Commander Robert April, a naive officer who has never served aboard a starship. The series will focus on the crew and their distrust, and growing trust, of their new commander, the perils of spaceflight with various "pirates" (who board ships and steal freight) and a growing conflict between the Federation and the Axanar government, of which the Yorktown occassionally gets involved.

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