Vulcan, Klingon, Betazed
File:Talok in Robe.jpg

The Vulcan apparel will generally be a robe with an ornate design on a chest plate. Vulcans will have unilaterally begun to wear these robes in a fashion, so as to go back to their roots in the days of Surak, the "father of logic."

File:Kang (full uniform).jpg

The Klingons are distrustful of Humans and will generally avoid contact. When they are seen they will be wearing their familiar military uniforms seen in the original Star Trek series. They will also be "ridgeless" in a similar fashion to original Star Trek.

File:Reittan Grax.jpg
File:Lwaxana Troi with Picard.jpg

On Betazed, the fashion seems to dictate a multitude of different options. Despite the royalty inherent in Betazed culture, the Betazoids' clothing show little-to-no distinction via names, rank insignia, or any other indicator of someone's status in society. Although they have different styles, they all seem to wear brightly colored outfits, in contrast to other culture's more utilitarian styles.

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