UESPA Uniform

UESPA Uniforms will closely resemble modern-day Army uniforms. They will not be worn often as the crew of the Yorktown will be a casual freight ship. Only Skurpaj will wear his uniform at (nearly) all times.

File:UESPA symbol.jpg
File:United Earth symbol.jpg

The uniform will be complex. This diagram should show the various nuances.

UESPA uniform

This will be worn by the crew in formal occassions and by Skurpaj generally.

File:MACO uniform.jpg

The Enlisted Jumpsuit will be based on camouflage and be similar to the MACO jumpsuits seen in Star Trek: Enterprise. Skurpaj might wear this uniform on landing party duty as chief security officer.

Left.png Star_Trek_is....jpg Right.png

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