Starfleet Uniform
File:2254 Male Command Yellow.jpg
File:2254 Male Operations Beige.jpg
File:2254 Male Science Blue.jpg
File:2254 Female Command Yellow.jpg
File:2254 Female Operations Beige.jpg
File:2254 Female Science Blue.jpg

The Standard Uniform will be quite simple and consist of a turtleneck sweater with an assignment patch and a rank stripe. The uniform will come in three colors: yellow, beige, and blue.

The basic uniform layout


File:Captains wraparound.jpg

The Captain's wraparound will be worn by April often casually in his quarters.

File:Dress uniform.jpg

The Dress Uniform will be worn by officers at Starfleet Command and April when he first reports aboard the Yorktown. It will be worn at other points where formality is necessary.

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