Starfleet Ranks and Patches
File:2254 Technician.jpg

The Enlisted Jumpsuit will be worn on occasion by Colti, especially when performing a hazardous duty of some kind.

File:The Cage rank stripe.jpg

The rank stripe will be located on both sleeves of a Starfleet uniform. The ranks are as follows:

Admiral Admiral
Captain Captain
Commander Commander
Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Commander - April
Lieutenant Lieutenant - Garth
Ensign Ensign

In addition, noncoms will have a rank stripe and an upper arm stripe similar to the modern day Navies. For example, Colti will wear this:

Petty Officer First Class Petty Officer First Class - Colti
File:Starfleet boomerang.jpg
The assignment patch, worn on the left side of the chest, for Starfleet Command (April and Colti) will be a simple Starfleet boomerang:

Starfleet Command patch.

Left.png Star_Trek_is....jpg Right.png

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