File:Philip Boyce.jpg
Doctor Phillip Boylan- the 51-year-old Boylan will be the physician aboard the S.S. Yorktown. He will be a graying worldly man who the crew often confide with. He will hold the rank of warrant officer, and having only received a medical degree in the last fifteen years, he will be formally trained as a security officer. He will have an attraction to the new yeoman that he knows he can't act on, as he has a wife back home on Earth.

File:J.M. Colt.jpg

Yeoman Mia Colti- Colti is the only Starfleet member aboard the Yorktown, other than April, and will arrive aboard the ship as his aide. She will be the most flirtatious crewmember aboard, but will show extreme intelligence when necessary. Similar to the pictured woman, she will be blonde and in her mid-20s, an homage to the beautiful yeomen seen in 1960s Star Trek.

File:José I. Mendez.jpg

Second Lieutenant José I. Mendez- the navigator Mendez will be from the last group of trained UESPA officers and will often refer to himself as "the last member of UESPA." Regardless, he does not show any contempt for the Starfleet takeover, and looks forward to a long career as a Starfleet officer. A humorous trait of his will be his constant belief that the fates are collided against him, which he states every time something bad happens, or he trips, or he has problems with the ship's controls. Which he often does.

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