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Lieutenant Commander Robert M. April- a 34-year-old Starfleet officer, formerly of Starfleet Command, is sent to command the S.S. Yorktown, and prepare the crew for Starfleet service. He has never been aboard a starship before, and his wonder about the "exploration" is noticed by the crew who sometimes mock him for it. He often seeks the advise of his "Number One," the new executive officer and former commander, perhaps too much. At first he will appear indecisive and ineffectual which may cause conflict and misunderstanding with his crew and other ships.

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Number One- The woman only referred to as "Captain" or "Number One" will be the second-in-command of the Yorktown after being demoted at the beginning of the series. The crew will look up to her orders more so than April's and this will cause conflict amongst the crew. Her age should appear ambiguous, but she should act older than April, and will at first look down on him in contempt. She should appear with darker skin, perhaps middle eastern or Indian, than in the picture provided.


Skurpaj- Skurpaj will be in charge of security on the ship and in charge of the enlisted UESPA men. He will be over 150 years old and a Rhaandarite, which is a race of beings that have just begun spaceflight fifty years prior and are a protectorate of the Federation. Skurpaj has served aboard the Yorktown for the last five years, but his curiousity and wonderment, a trait shared by Rhaandarites, will rival April's.

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