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The cast of Star Trek: Enterprise is often referenced in the time of Star Trek is... (2229) for their major contributions to the early history of Starfleet and the Federation.

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Jonathan Archer became an admiral, the Starfleet chief of staff, an ambassador, councilman, and finally President of the Federation. After his retirement in 2192, Archer moved to upstate Porthos, New York, where by 2229 his estate housed four generations of the Archer family. His granddaughter Sarah takes care of most of his affairs in 2229.

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T'Pol retired from Starfleet at the rank of Captain. She disagreed with T'Pau's administration of Vulcan and founded the Vulcanis Lunar Colony on the dark side of Earth's Moon as a home to former V'tosh ka'tur and other self-exiled Vulcans. She is still serving as the First Elder of the Vulcanis Lunar Colony in 2229.

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Charles Tucker III served ten years as the chief engineer of Enterprise before sacrificing himself in order to save his Captain's life in 2161. Tucker Hall at Starfleet Engineering is named for him.


Phlox continued serving in the Interspecies Medical Exchange after Enterprise's decommissioning and would be appointed Chief o the Interspecies Medical Exchange before his untimely death in 2170. He was one of early Denobulans who perished during the Great Denobulan Plague of that era. His son Mettus was his only surviving relative, although they were estranged at the time of his death.

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Malcolm Reed continued to serve in Starfleet, reaching the rank of Rear Admiral before being forced out due to mandatory retirement in 2188. Although he settled for a time in his native Britain, by 2229, the 112-year-old admiral was well known as a "space drifter," using his clout to travel from starship to starship and was known for delighting others with tales of his adventures.

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Hoshi Kimura, née Sato resigned from Starfleet in the 2166 shortly after receiving promotion to Lieutenant Commander. She went on to develop Linguacode before retiring from communications work. She became a famous painter, and helped found a Federation colony on the pleasure planet Risa, where she met her two husbands and raised her family. In 2229, she is in the process of starting a colony on the recently terraformed planet Tarsus IV.

Travis Mayweather's ultimate fate is not spoken of.

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