USS Yorktown NCC-108 commissioned April 20, 2162 launched from the San Francisco Fleet Yards by the Yoyodyne Division of the Corps of Engineers Commanders
Captain Uttan Narsu, Starfleet, 2162-2164
Captain T'Pol, Starfleet, 2164-2172
Captain Joseph Kelby, Starfleet, 2172-2180
Commodore Travis Mayweather, Starfleet, 2180-2188
Commodore Francis Decker, Starfleet, 2188-2196
Brigadier General Gene Roddenberry, UESPA, 2196-2204
Colonel Georges-Francoise Picard, UESPA, 2204-2217
Major Gary Mitchell, UESPA, 2217-2224
Captain, UESPA, 2224-2229
Lt. Commander Robert April, Starfleet, 2229-

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