The crew of the SS Yorktown NCC-108 are:
Lieutenant Commander Robert April- Commanding Officer
Yeoman First Class Mia Colti- Captain's Aide
Captain (Number One)- Executive Officer
First Lieutenant Skurpaj- Security Chief
Second Lieutenant José I. Mendez- Navigator
Chief Warrant Officer Edward Leslie- Chief Engineer
Chief Warrant Officer Ari Chandra- Phaser Control Officer
Warrant Officer Phillip Boylan- Ship's Surgeon
Sergeant Major Niehls Paris- Supply Officer
Master Sergeant Jackson Schultz- Drill Instructor
Sergeant First Class Billie Stromgren- Transporter Specialist
Sergeant First Class Hira Ishikawa- Life Support Officer
Staff Sergeant Owen Tsu- Assistant Chief Engineer
Sergeant Welshie Phillips- Security Officer
Sergeant Michelle Trotter- Computer Systems Specialist
Corporal Obachan Nogura- Medic
Corporal Bryson Scott- Financial Officer
Corporal Eugene Probert- Engineer
Corporal Marie Pike- Assistant Supply Officer
Private First Class Zefram Haftel- Security Officer
Private Tim Cook- Assistant Navigator
Mettus- Scientific Observer
Connors Leslie- young child

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