In this humorous sci/fi retelling of the J.R.R. Tolkien classic The Lord of the Rings, the Middle Galaxy is under attack by the Dark Lord Sauron, whose massive battleship Death Eye hovers perpetually over the volcano planet Mordor. A terrible army of monsters and droids stands at his command, ready to destroy the one most powerful thing that stands in his way: The great asteroid-based fortress of Minas Tirith, base of the Galactic Freedom Army, in the Gondor system. However, in order to achieve utter victory and become supreme overlord of the galaxy, he needs one thing: The great Orb of Power, an energy crystal with mystical properties. The Orb has been lost to his sight for over 200,000 years, but now it has turned up in the garden planet Shire in the ownership of plort farmer Frodo Baggins.

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