Stalker vs. Hatchet is a 2006 versus slasher-splatter film that featured Stalker and Hatchet who are battling over kills.

Plot Edit

Stalker and Hatchet take out their anger on each other when they can't decide who their next targets should be. So they battle each other by kills, and by trying to kill each other as well.

Other Edit

  • Gross revenue: $3,000,000
  • Budget: $1,000,000
V | D | E Tortured series
Films The Attack of Hatchet (1984) | II: Sleepless Stalker (1987) | Stalker Meet Hatchet (1989) | Tortured IV (2009)
Vs. films Stalker vs. Hatchet (2006) | Stalker vs. Hatchet vs. Charlie Harest (2012)
Spin-offs No Miracles (1998) | Tortured 2 (2003) | Tortured 3 (2007) | Lifeless (2009; Emergency)
Fanon-made Tortured to Death (1990) | Tortured: Sledgehammers (1999) | Tortured to Kill (2005)
Crew Shawn Troy | Maya Calon

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