["The Square Root of Tuesday" is a book first published in 1971, written by Jessica Davidson, and still, so far as I know, under copyright. The title used here should not be mistaken for that book and possibly is a violation of the copyright of the original.]


Once upon a time, there was a land called Infinia, and in this land, was a place called Lyberia. A place of stories, tales, and scripts. And one book tells about a place called Illogica. A place where Reallity doesn't exist. A place of many wonders. And in this book there are many tales. This is but one of those tales...

Chapter 1 - A Root for a SquareEdit

On a particular island in Illogica, numbers are grown in great fields by Number Farmers. One of these farmers, Kael 4some, was growing 4's at the boarder of the Evens Farm, when his brother, Wan 4some, a worker at the shapes factory, came up to him and asked, "What do you think would happen if we combined shapes and numbers?" "Combine shapes and numbers?! That's never been attempted in the entire history of Numeria!!" Cried Kael, "But it it just might work." Wan replied: "Exactly."

The next day, the two brothers and there friend, Jamie, went to work. Jamie read of a list of supplies to her companions:





"Experimental Solution SN1?"


"Then lets get working!"

They planted the four and the square together, and watered it with an experimental solution created from the debris from the shapes factery and juice from the fours. After watering the Nmbershape for 3 weeks, it had grown into a four foot square, well, square. They dug it up and looked at its roots. They were 2's!! "Square roots..." said Wan. The three of them knew what he ment.

Chapter 2 - Tuesday's MondayEdit

"10 years later, in a news report:"

Square Roots Make Villagers Life Much Easier Throughout IllogicaEdit

Proffesor Tolk A. Weikly sighed, he had been doing so well, developing days and months. Until thoses two partners Wan and Kael showed up. They ruined his entire business. He even had created a new product. Well, almost. His Weekly Collection had all the days Wednesday to Monday, but he could not create a tuesday. he had tried many times, but none of them worked out. So he sat down, and poured himself some T-Tea. It was then it came to him! If he had all of the days except tuesday, then he could find out how to create a tuesday! It was genius! He began making quick mathematical equations on his abacus. "Maybe those 4some brothers aren't so bad after all..." he said to himself.

After many calculations, he found the square root of tuesday to be between Sunday.999999999, and Monday.000000001, a couple months later, he found it was exactly Munday.null. He published his results, quoting, "It was going along terribly, until I realized that I had to make tuesday a square before I could find the squareroot..."

Chapter 3 - The Square Root of TuesdayEdit

Professor Weikly's happiness was short lived, though, for he still had not managed to create tuesday. "If only I had some Multiplication Powder..." Weikly sighed. Multi-Pow hadn't been on the market for 25 years. He had tried many times to create some, but the only person who had the recipe died a long time ago.

At that same moment, the 4some brothers were pondering a similar question: "What if we could use a numbers square root to create the actual number?" Wan had asked his brother. "Well..." Kael replied, "we would have to create something like M.P, except with a automatic variable. "You mean like this?" Jamie had just walked into the Field. The two brothers stared at her in amazement.

Professor Weikly reread the paper four the umpteenth time. The 3 creators of Square roots were coming to his hometown to Publish their product: Square Anti-Root. This could be the opportunity he was waiting for! All of the sudden he heard a knock. "I wonder who it could be at this early hour?" Weikly thought. He opened the door and gasped. Standing in his doorway was the mayor, with the 3 creators of Square roots. "Come in, Come in," Weikly said. The 4 visitors sat on the couch. The mayor said "Neither of your products have enough demand to market. But together you may market it for 2 weeks, too see if the consumers like it. You have one week.

The foursome pondered it for many days, until finally, one the last day, it came to them.

"We could use S.A.R. Powder,"

"To reverse root Monday,"

"And create Tuesday!"

"We would be able to market our products in one package, for a higher price!!"


Newspaper excerpt from Illogica:

Weikly and 4somes Partner Up to Form Random Inc.Edit

"...has marketed their first product:Weikly's Weeks' Roots and Squares...for only $19.95...contains Square Root and Anti-Root Powder, two of each day of the week, instruction booklet, and special carring case...Other products include...Word factory..."

And that is the tale of Random Inc, and how it came to be
© 2007 Random Inc.

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