Chapter One Edit

I stood over the hole in the ground, looking at the coffin that was in the bottom. I had my mother, hugging me, crying on my suit. Her teardrops ran down the black sleeve of the coat, falling in, hitting the coffin where my father lay. I continued to stand there, even when mother left. I knelt down closer to the grave.

"Father, I will avenge you. I swear to you that I will rebuild the Montana Empire. I will rebuild your fortune, and kill Sosa." I said, standing back up.

I opened my cellphone as I walked back to my car. "This is Felix." said the man on the other end. "Felix? It's Thomas. Meet me at the Babylon Club. We need to talk." I said. "Okay." said Felix, hanging up. I drove to the Babylon club and saw Felix. He must have just gotten there, because he didn't even have a drink yet. I walked over and sat down.

A waitress, in a sexy short blue dress walked over. "Yeah, I'll take a martini." said Felix. "Same here. Shaken, not stirred." I said. "So, Tom, what did you wish to talk about?" ask Felix, turning to me.

"Felix, I just got back from my father's funeral. My mother is weeping at his death. I know that Sosa is the cause of it. Ever since Tony sent me away to live with mother, I knew it. What I'm trying to say is that I want you to help me as I attempt to build my own cocaine empire." I said, accepting the martini that the waitress offered me.

"Tom, what you need to understand is that your father died by selling it. He would not want his son to die the same way he did." said Felix. "Listen to me. Minutes ago, in the cemetary where my father's corpse lies, I made him a promise. I swore to him to build my own empire. I swore to him that I would kill Sosa, and I plan to make good on both promises. If you won't help me, then I will do it alone." I said.

"Okay, I will help you. Now, you just need to get a storehouse. By that, I mean you need to start distributing product. Go to the Marina and find Josaphina. She works a small Hawaiian bar at the beach. Go there, and tell her that you have been approved to pick up 800 grams of cocaine. I will call her and tell her. Pick up the yayo and sell it." said Felix.

I thanked him, paid for my martini, and went to the Marina. I picked up the coke, and drove to a man I knew my father dealt with: Victor Alkeo. I sold him all my prdouct for $100,000.

"Good, Tom. Now, you have some cash to your name. Go to the First Miami Community bank and launder the money. By depositing your money, you make it impossible for it to be taken from you if you were to be arrested and if you had some product on-hand. If you don't have an account, open a checking account. Josaphina is now a contact. As long as you pay her for the product, she will give you however much you can afford. One last thing: if you can, once you have enough money, buy a store. You can hire people to distribute your product there. Just bring in regular shipments, and collect the money. Eventually, you will be as powerfull as Mr. Montana was. Good luck. Contact me for anything you need help on." said Felix.

I sold my product and, over the course of a month, bought a couple businesses in Little Havana. I brought in the product myself and collected the cash. I then bought a warehouse, and hired people to distribute the product for me, while I still collected cash.

Chapter Two Edit

I sat in the Babylon Club. As I sat and watched the people dance, a man came up to me. "Mr. Montana, I have a message for you from a Mr. Gaspar Gomez. He said that if you interfere with business for him any more, he'd have you murdered." said the man. "Where does Gaspar live?" I ask, standing up. "Well, he's in the back now, sir." said the man.

I stood up and walked back to the back, where I saw a fat man standing there. "So, you are Mr. Thomas Montana, heir to the Montana Empire. I believe my associate told you to get out of the business of cocaine." said the man. "Gaspar, you fat fuck, you are just like my father told me about. A man with his nose up his own ass. Now, I say to you, I am building an empire. Anyone that fucks with that, is fucking with me. Anyone fucking with me dies." I said, drawing a pistol from my pocket. The barrel was right at Gaspar's head.

"What do you think you are going to do, you snot-nosed, immature stupid fuck? Shoot me? You don't have the balls." ask Gomez. The barrel at his forehead, I pulled the trigger. He fell to the ground, a hole in the center of his head. "How do you like that, you stupid fucking cock-a-roach?" I ask, replacing my gun.

A week later, my army and I had our plans in place. Gomez had a mansion in which he kept more keys than I could count of yayo. An AK-47 in hand, my army was ready to attack. We were hidden inside transport trucks, which we had stolen from Gaspar's warehouse. As we drove up the cobblestone road. As we prepared to exit the trucks, they stopped. We heard talking, then the opening of a garage door.

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