User:Serprex 16:05, September 23, 2011 (UTC)

Licked by a flare

Fever. Quite the temperature. Go somewhere tropical

Like the sun

It's rather warm

As in, it burns

No, not quite, it's something more

It's a bunch of hydrogen gone smack

You want to say it burns? You haven't even begun. You fool. You want to imagine someone on a lawn chair on the sun?

You're not realizing this through. You've stretched it beyond proportion. There's only one way to describe it:

There. & gone

To quote the coincidental collision I found only after wondering what does it even mean: It's static craziness to me

But my mind doesn't reject such frequencies. Invalid data, segfault, signal signal signal

Uncaught exception. There was a silent siren passing by in cognito. The other way went sirens blaring

Flip back a day. If only we were before Copernicus and could say rotate this sun around the Earth backwards once to see a crab cake being eaten in a pretty place with sirens rushing by

All that cosmic grinding to retell that. No wonder my gears are getting worn with all this time travelling

I was wearing a wheel down well enough yesterday for it to burn my finger. Now I'm musing sunburn

By what means did this anonymous patient get prescribed such a sanitarium?

Hold that silly thought. Here's a new idea: the sun has a fever. Now we're burning

On the spot carpet cleaners spotted gold

Solar spots are too dark to fit a third branch on that last pun of that triplet

Back to that silly thought. Interesting. That's what people say when they have nothing to say. A moment while I confer with outside sources. Second opinion: pneumonia. They're so full of water that they need to go evaporate via hydrogen fusion

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