Slueth Cat is a story about a Bombay cat named AK. There has been a lot of dog-napping going on at farms in the area, and when the Rough Collie, Benny, who lives on the farm with AK, goes missing, AK decides to find out what exactly is going on.


Next door's Border Collie has gone missing, leaving the owner devastated I sat watching as Farmy (as I like to call her) chatted with another human who lived on another farm next door.
"And so he just disappeared, in the night!" said random person from next door. "Oh, I have no idea what happened to poor Jamie. The police suspect he's been dognapped."

"Dognapped? Haha. You mean dog-kidnapped or something?" I joked, though humans could not understand me.

Jamie, of course, was next door's Border Collie. I looked across at Benny, our Rough Collie, who was froliking around the field (copying the lambs). I almost wished he could get dognapped as well... but as he was family, I resisted the thought. Sure, he was annoying, barked a lot, he even bit my tail when he was a puppy (I've still got the mark!). Oh, what the heck. It was hell with that dog around. And now with his mate Jamie gone (which he hadn't actually found out about yet, hence the froliking) he would be looking for more stuff to keep him amused.

The concept of dog-napping kept revolving on my feline brain. I felt as though there were something really sinister in that concept. But what was it? There was something wrong, after all... I guess not many animals just get kidnapped that way. Who would kidnap a dog? For which purpose? Maybe to convert them in fast food or something, I told to myself, having fun with it. But it was then, while I was watching Benny, that I realized a frightening possibility. Could there exist cat-nappings too? Was I in danger?


Benny mysteriously disappears in the night

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