SKYNET was marvel. Its CPU's were beyond state of the art but because they were made of silicon and not nanotube as in later models they were not as powerful as they could be. An individual CPU could perform 10 to the twenty-third power operations. Some were flat others were cube. A typical CPU operated at 100 GHz, was liquid cooled, and used only 1 Watt of power a second. It had 1024 billion transistors, 32 levels, 32 cores per level operate ting in parallel. Communication between the cores was handled by silicon lasers. Each core was also subdivided into 32 smaller cores. Each sub core was assigned 32 megabytes of memory. Total Cache memory was equivalent to 1024 gigabytes. The cache was non volatile and located on 32 separate layers. Data on it would not be erased when the power was cut.

After the missiles fell SKYNET sent messages to the various local Medias, posing as FEMA high officials. SKYNET also talked to FEMA partially helping FEMA but it was all for a more sinister reason. SKYNET had eliminated 80 million human in its death camps and FEMA would take part in the genocide. The first thing FEMA did was to localize as many people as possible into concentrated areas. FEMA officials had a plan in case of a nuclear war but they had never thought they would have to face that possibility. Many small towns were abandoned but some people refused to leave there homes. Most that refused were elderly. They were the one most affected by the fallout as they’re Medicare coverage failed that year. The ones that survived according to the plan would be located in the area of least radiation poisoning. Part of SKYNET's function was to locate those areas and millions died as a consequence. SKYNET allowed them to survive but only until it had recovered from its encounters with the military. The military had been part of the problem SKYNET had to deal with if it had to eliminate the human race. Most of the military was unaware of what SKYNET had done. SKYNET would use them as labor in its automated plants. Every solider knew SKYNET would protect them in the aftermath of a nuclear war. That it would keep them safe in this post apocalyptic world. When SKYNET was activated 85% of the military had been laid off 40,000 was all that was left. They would be the ones that would fight the war against the machines in North America. They were looked upon by there countrymen and took up the cause when the missiles fell. The carried out FEMA's orders and intern SKYNET's order but they would not follow the indefinitely. After SKYNET had deemed itself recovered it now began to take action against those that it hated. All military on the automated assembly plates were killed then it sent its first wave of terminators to the areas determined by FEMA. This action was an utter failed. First generation terminators were no mach for urban combat and human ingenuity. SKYNET immediately sensed its engagements. Luckily only a few humans were exposed to SKYNET's true intentions but they would spread that knowledge to the other camps. SKYNET now tried a new strategy. SKYNET sent constructor robots to all the remaining camps. FEMA had been informed that SKYNET was part of the recovery. SKYNET would build hydroponics plants to feed them because the Nuclear winter and radiation would kill all the farm land. Instead SKYNET would build its death camps with its victim’s only blocks away. Hydroponics plants had been built before the nuclear fire. But SKYNET would not allow them to remain. They were located in selected area and the public was to be informed where they were after the war. To protect them from a nuclear strike the location of a single one was only told to a single person. Even SKYNET only knew where half of them were located for security reasons. Man would use them as there final refuge against the machines.

When the nuclear missiles came most of the small towns were not hit by them. SKYNET did not preserve them as a threat. This would be one of its biggest mistakes as this would be the place where the resistance would have one of its greatest strong holds. At the beginning of the war SKYNET had limited resources. If a small town seemed abandoned it would patrol it less often. The resistance would built secrete tunnels in the basements of these abandoned homes. Excavating the dirt would leave dirt that would be detected by the machines so the resistance learned when the patrolled the area then took the dirt to a river to be washed away. This would be the place where they would grow hydroponics.

The world over martial law was enacted. In the case of China it was only stepped up a notch by the remaining leaders of the communist party. Many of its Citizens remained where they were and therefore the people in the least affected areas survived. China had no government agency with the resources of FEMA. China had the largest military force in the world. One million solders trained to live survive and die for china. They were a force SKYNET would face in the future with little pleasure. Chinas economy had been doing well before SKYNET intervened 80% of the goods sold in Wal-Mart were made in china now it would devote its recourses to defeating the country that had started this nightmare.

SKYNET's systems are divided into two categories Defense and Offence. SKYNET devised many strategies for both categories.

gray rope

The gray rope went into production in 2016. Just like real rope the gray rope could be manufactured in huge quantities with remarkable speed. It was made out of artificial nano muscle fibers based on nanotubes. The gray rope used chemically stored solar energy. Perception came from touch but also from dozens of eyes that saw through tiny slits in the body. Its thickness, length, and shape depended on the task it was assigned for. It could be combined with other gray ropes to form stick figures or grids. The gray blanket was also closely related to the gray rope. In sum circumstances they worked together or were attached to each other. Some gray rope had miniature needle that when extended from its body would release lethal amounts off artificial super venom. The gray rope could be used to assist humanoid terminators by forming bridges, lifting ruble from a blocked passageways or sub do prisoners better than handcuffs. As with all terminator models it was impervious to Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP). The gray rope could slither like a snake and constrict its victim to death. With limited camouflage ability it could hide or take on the appearance of any straight or crooked thin object such as a bed post, table leg, steal bar, or phone cable. Inferred and radar also could not detect it .In the forest where many humans still remained it could spy on them learning there migration patterns. In areas valuable to SKYNET there sprang up what the humans called death forests or gray forests where thousands even millions of gray ropes stood erect ready to quickly suffocate there victims.

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