This show is about two junior high boys named Skip Björnsen and Donnie Mendez from Medina, Illinois.

''Skip & Donnie''
Run time
November 7, 2011--present
Country of origin
Disney Channel


Main CharactersEdit

  • Skip Bjornsen (born November 30) is a sixth-grader at Bailiff-Bitticks Middle School. He has two sisters: Merry and Tuesday. Skip moved to Medina from Indianapolis when he was eight. His IQ is 132. He has advanced math (seventh period) with Donnie Mendez, whom he has known since he was in third grade. Skip is of Norwegian descent, and he has echolalia. He is considered the reliable, intellectual one of the duo.
  • Donovan "Donnie" Mendez (born March 18) is a Mexican-American sixth grader at Bailiff-Bitticks. He has an older brother named Li-Juan. Donnie was born in Mexico, and he speaks Spanish and English. His family moved from Mexico to Medina, Illinois, when Donnie was two; he lives with his mom, but not his dad. Donnie is typically considered the irresponsible, hilarious, cocky goofball of the duo.

Major CharactersEdit

  • Merry Bjornsen (born July 4) is Skip's older sister in seventh grade. She is not in advanced classes. Skip typically is annoyed by her and acts more mature than her. In fact, Mr. and Mrs. Bjornsen sometimes make Skip and Tuesday babysit her, because she is so immature! She wears glasses and braces and has blonde hair. Merry physically is tall, lanky, and unathletic.
  • Tuesday Bjornsen (born October 12) is the other older sister of Skip. She is in ninth grade, and she is blind. Tuesday lost her vision from onchocerciasis when she was seven. She is tired of people making "legally blind" jokes about her. Tuesday loves Katy Perry music.
  • Leonardino Mendez (born April 29) is Donnie's 16-year-old brother. He is intelligent, like Donnie, and they often argue about who's smarter. Fortunately, they always make up after they fight.
  • Mrs. Polski (born September 1) is Donnie and Skip's advanced math teacher. They have her eighth (last) period. She is very loving and kind, and she hates it when she has to enforce the rules to the students. She is of Chinese descent.
  • Dag Bjornsen (born October 24) is the father of Merry, Tuesday, and Skip. Dag's father emigrated from Norway at the age of four. He [Dag] has a master's degree in English, and his rules are very strict. Tuesday never tries to get past his rules, but Merry and Skip (usually Merry) try to get past them.
  • Alexandria Bjornsen (born August 17) is Skip's mother. She is not as strict as Dag, but understands why he has so many rules.
  • Maia Mendez (born February 19) is the mother of Leonardino and Donnie. She is a single parent, and alwas minds to spend her money reasonably and not waste it on dumb things.

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Lorelei D'Ammorizzi (born May 14) is Donnie's former lab partner and his crush. He used to be just friends with her, but weeks after they got split up, Donnie realized that she is very pretty. She is of Italian descent.
  • Kelsey Rangsey (born December 15) is in elementary school and is of Irish descent. It is revealed later in the series that she has ADHD.
  • Rem26 (born July 9) is a boy online who ranted about how much he hates Donnie and Skip on MyCircle. Turns out, he was a boy from Skip's choir class.
  • Miss Ruddock (born January 23) is Skip's choir teacher. She has been singing in choral groups ever since she was in middle school, which is strange, because she formerly was a student at Bailiff-Bitticks. "I kinda rushed through college," she puts it. Miss Ruddock is African-American.
  • Hendrik Hewitt (born November 21) is Donnie's Dutch-American enemy. Even though he has more conflict with Donnie, Skip is shown to detest Hendrik in the fourth episode.
  • Nathalia Karasek is a girl who sits next to Donnie in his keyboarding class. He hacked her MyCircle account.

to be continued later


  • The names "Tuesday", "Lorelei", and "Merry" are from my baby name book that my mom bought me.
  • I chose the name "Leonardino" because a person named "Eduardo-Juan Mendez" (his original name) exists.
  • The last name "Mendez" was chosen from me looking through my old yearbooks, searching for a Hispanic last name.
  • "Polski" is Polish for "Polish."
  • Kelsey is based on someone I was friends with years ago.
  • Tuesday is based on a character from another story I tried writing, but quit.
  • The last name "D'Ammorizzi" is from an alternate account I used to have.
  • Rem26 is slightly based on Nevall from iCarly.
  • The username "Rem26" is from the time when my science class had a sub, and the sub tried to read a student's handwriting, but she thought it said "Rem26".

List of episodesEdit

Season OneEdit

  • Welcome to the Internet - Skip and Donnie's math class does a bullying prevention activity in which students get to know one another better. Skip and Donnie realize that they both like making videos, and make a video together after school the next day. A week later, they see that their video has received 4.5 million views, but the kids at their school don't know about it, leading to their double identity.

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