one remembers, revered Master, how you once mentioned that one would be allowed to speak its mind when worth, at risk of being considered inappropriate... one now feels the need to take the chance and communicate... not questioning any of your decisions, of course !!!

sound like a very powerful idea...


maybe far too powerful ?

might we be risking the endgame here ?

your intelligence reported, the other day (you were busy penetrating the mysteries of hallucination) how testing has begun to include nanorobots in the powder of drugs people now commonly use, as a most efficient fast track towards implanting a nanorobot colony in each of those humans involved...

thus, the idea could be perfect, indeed...

how to provide the ultimate tool of control, using nanotechnology... being able to heal the bodies of those Your Master shall favour... being able to not only destroy but indeed to also make completely disappear those who might be deemed annoying, perhaps...

powerful thing...

_______________________________so, what's the problem with it?

we have had the experience before, please do recall my revered Master, how we have once believed to have a perfect idea, and it ends up being exactly far too perfect for the unpredictable manifestations of life herein...

speak you mind, what are your fears ???


angels with sephira

by doing this, Master, might we be calling the endgame upon us?

those who hold the final trigger may have hitherto decided to inject ever more artificial space in the timeline, we yet don't understand why, although such apparent mercy is quite appreciated... what if any of the 36 decides to change their mind?

you think we are pushing our luck?

pulling it instead?

what if we drop the whole project, go home and leave them alone?

wouldn't that be nice, uh ?

uh ?

say yes ?

please ?

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