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Silent Night is an American slasher film remake of the 1980 horror film Silent Night.

Plot Edit

The movie starts where Dr. Leonard is trying a cryogenics suit, and Leonard is then almost destroyed, but mutilated by the suit, and then after leaving the hospital ten years later, he comes home to his wife, and she is surprised he is alive, now his skin is growing back, they assigned him to these pills which repair the human body, and then as the first night passes by, he has a feeling that his wife is cheating, and he then closes his eyes, but that what it looks like from everyone else's view, but he sees a man kiss his wife, he is gets out of the bedroom, and heads up stairs with a knife, and kills her boyfriend, when he goes to the bathroom, he cuts off his head, and then he chokes his wife to death, soon his neighbors come to see that someone has been killed, he left, and the neighbors then get inside his house and sees his wife was hanged, and a man with his throat slit, soon he gets crushed by a semi-truck and killed, three decades pass and a myth follows him, and seven college buddies come to the neighborhood and find nobody, so seeing a newspaper saying "Man from the dead is alive", and believing it's just the newspaper company trying to scare other people, soon they see the man, they follow him and he disappears, soon Donald is pushed off a house and impaled by a pole, then the killer sees a woman, but notices that's his daughter, and chases after her, she runs, but is almost killed, she knocks him out and runs to her friends, and the killer awakens, and finds his brother-in-law, and kills him. The other college buddies were all killed.

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