This story is by Sethanic. It is about Tyra'Uix City under attacks from the Dwarves.

Prolouge: The Gathering of CloudsEditEdit

The Dwarves and their mar machines continued to move along the mud, each footstep making a noticeable squelching sound, or at least it would have done so if the war machines moving had not canceled it out, the engine of the Titan easily removing other minor noises. The city was less than half a kilometer from the Dwarves now. Commander Der'Sal gave the order to move into formation. It was split almost equally. Fives groups of 675 Dwarves with 2 Titans, 15 Colosus', 8 Titan Snakes, each Titan and Colossus' had built in cannons, 20 per Titan, 5 per Colosus', 115 Cannons in total per regiment. There were two more regiments, one far back had the leaders and royal guard for strategic planning and multiple trebuchets, catapults, etc, slightly further up ahead, while the frontmost group was entirely robotic, meant to act as a means to pretend to be the expected Dwarven army, while luring the Orcs into a false sense of security once destroyed.

Mag'Resd sighed as he saw the oncoming Dwarven force. He had expected bigger things to come off the species so fiercely rumored about. All he could see was 350 horsemen running towards their gate with a battering ram in tow. The Orc Warrior King quickly made an excellent plan (according to him) to take out the horsemen by letting them break down the gate, only to be faced by three ranks of phalanxes to whitle down their numbers while another plalanx group are behind them incase of emergencies. Mag'Resd never had a second thought about his broken gate as he issued out his orders by almost knocking his messenger unconcious with a blow to the head.

Chapter 1: Phase 1EditEdit

The Orcs met the Dwarven invaders as soon as their battering ram did its job as it battered down the gate with such force it flew backwards and crushed a dozen orcs. The Dwarves ran right into the Orcs flawed trap as their flimsy spear bounced off the horses' bronze alumiunum hide. The Orcs, caught by surprise, were quickly overrun by the threat, the true nature of them revealed. The backup phalanx only felled half a dozen automatons before trying to flee and getting run down with lances.

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