The Wright BrothersEdit

Mr. Wright, as the name might suggest... and I think that no more be said here of this. He has a brother, called Mr. Wrong... right? Well, wrong, actually... Mr. Wright's brother is also called Mr. Wright, well, for obvious reasons: they share the same last name. Therefore, for the sake of less confusions, we shall call the elder brother Mr. Wright, and his younger twin, Mr. NotSo Wright.

Now you may wonder as to why I'm mentioning these men in the middle of our journey to discovering the cheese (which hopefully will help us in finding out where Rat went to.) Well, it's just that both Mr. Wright and his younger brother were teachers at Bruce's school - and yes, you would think that they were some unerring type of professors. But, once again, you would be wrong. It's not that they were wrong, its just that they never did any teaching to be wrong in anything they taught. (And now that I look back at the title of this section, it reminded me: were not the Wright Brothers responsible for flight, or something of that sort? Well, had the Wright Brothers in Bruce's school actually teach, then he would have known.)

And the fact, comming once again to, that both Mr. Wright and Mr. NotSo Wright were teachers at Bruce's school had nothing to do with the fact that he is now once again being told of another direction in which to journey to in order to find the cows, and perhaps the cheese.

It was at this point that Bruce realised why he had thought of the Wright Brothers, for the farmer had reminded him of them. The Wright Brothers, although they never taught (and let me again make another irritating interjection, in relation as to why the Wrigth Brothers never taught. It was because they were teachers who were not of the teaching kind - best kind in my opinion - but no, not necessarily what you were, are, not may not be thinking of altogether. They were rather Physical Education teachers, who made Bruce and his entire class do outrageously stupid and not-to-mention tiring excersises - let me add ignorantly and unnecessarily excessive - every time they had their classes.)

This was exactly why the farmer had reminded Bruce of the Wrights'. The farmer, after much more dialogue (which I will not bore you, or even myself, with) Bruce had realised that the farmer knew that the diary contained no cheese, he knew that all the cheese had dissappeared after the threat of war was made. He just thought it was rather the wisest thing to say.

But that still hadnt answered Bruce's question of where the cows had gone. And now, after all that rather unnecessary dialogue, the farmer simply stated that there are no such things as cows in Shwangland anymore, and that their cheese were produced in factories (well, even with cows, cheese are produced in factories... I think) but that all the factories were closed. He then went on to say that there were probably some cheese in Frapsigated, and that perhaps they were using it in preparation for the war against Shwangland.

Drew's DilemnaEdit

I believed that I had previously mentioned that young master Drew liked to eat rather excessively (and was surprisingly not obese.) I think I should add a little to this fact. It's not just that he eats excessively, its the kind of food that he eats that is rather amazing. He once ate a pickled-caramel; the thought such a item even existing is stomach upsettingly far-fetched.

But Drew is not all about his stomach, as only those really close to him would know.

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