Rat JoinsEdit

You may wonder why Rat is called Rat. To tell you the truth, I'm not too sure. Rat has been Bruce's friend for a long time. So many years, in fact, that they can't remember. (These two can't remember what they did the day before, or even the same morning, remembering when they met would give them headaches.) Rat was, of course, the first person Bruce told about the Shwangland dream. If your best friend told you about such a weird dream, you would laugh too - which was exactly what Rat did.

But when Bruce told Rat of Professor Dumb-dat (who was now seen more frequently around the school) Rat began to worry about Bruce's health - I mean, who would ever believe such a dream to be real.

Never-the-less, the friends continued their normal skipping-of-classes (Am I allowed to use the hyphens between those words?) in the library. Already this week Drew had been caught and sent to the Headmistress' office for detention. Poor Drew, Ms. Rohler almost ate him that afternoon.

What was I talking about? Oh. As I was saying, Rat was among those who continued to go to the library, and kept piling books so that they would not be seen. (To see what I'm talking about, just read the first part of this story - which you should've already done, considering that this is part two of the same story.)

Unknowingly to Rat, he chose the same book that Bruce had chosen (just the previous week) to be his pillow. I wouldn't blame him, this book had the perfect height for the particular desk they were at to act as a pillow. They immediately fell asleep, and sure enough, when Rat woke, he was in another world.

The DreamersEdit

Have I ever mentioned Cuffy? Don't think that I have. He is a friend of a friend of Bruce and his gang. Cuffy is one of the strangest character you could meet in any school. Bruce had little to do with him since they were in different classes, although their paths had crossed more than once before.

Even if you were fortunate enough to never run into Cuffy, you would've still heard of him. Cuffy was the local hero (or more accurately, the local clown.) He had once been so obsessed over a girl that he jumped out of a moving car. Of course, normal persons would've just told their crush that they liked them.

At another time (and for another girl) Cuffy was seen walking up to his beloved - it is rumored that the events that followed were too humorous to repeat anywhere, but I shall do my best. He had gone up to the girl and said to her, simply, 'I like you, but don't let that get to your head, for then I'd have to kill you.'

Yeah, that's Cuffy for you. And how does Cuffy fit into this story? Well, thats a good question. You see, Rat had fallen asleep and, at some particular time, began to dream. We never really know exactly when we begin to dream, and by the time we do, the dreams almost always seem to be nearing its end (providing that you're not a Frapp, who always knows when they're dreaming, or a Shwang, who are so lazy that they believe that dreaming is a waste of time that they could spend doing more productive things - like sleeping.)

At about the time Rat begin to realize that he was dreaming, he also realized something else - this was not his dream. His first thought (and mine too) was maybe that he'd been transferred to the now famed realm of Shwangland - this was not true. Cuffy (who, I think I mentioned, was in another class from Rat and his friends) had also fallen asleep and had been dreaming as well (later sources revealed that he had fallen asleep in Ms. Rohler's class.)

I think that it's quite inappropriate to reveal poor Cuffy's dream (which was the one Rat was trapped in.) Luckily for Rat, a weird looking squirrel (Prof. Dumb-dat later revealed that this creature was not actually a squirrel, but had never-the-less forced me to described it as such, since the readers will be unable to grasp the beauty - and it was an ugly squirrel - in the creature) had appeared. Now why would Cuffy be dreaming of ugly squirrels?

The FairyEdit

About a year ago, Rat had fallen head-over-heels for a particular girl, who would not be mentioned here (I've always wondered who coined the phrase fallen head-over-heels, since our head are always over our heels - if we were to fall, and it must be some weird fall at that, our heels may go over our head.) I've only mentioned this particular girl (who, unfortunately for Rat, is getting married - and not to him) because the squirrel was as ugly as the girl was beautiful.

'Sorry about that, Rat.' The squirrel had said. 'But I have sent you to the wrong dream.'

'And who are you?' Rat asked the squirrel. This was a dream, so talking to ugly-looking animals may not seem so crazy.

'I am the fairy who joins all dream worlds to Shwangland, see my nice wand?' The squirrel answered (have you ever imagined an ugly fairy?) 'I will now send you to Shwangland.'

'But why?' Rat asked (a perfectly logical question, for Rat usually have some particularly strange, and nice, dreams, and he did not want to go to anther dream world. He once dreamt that he had gone to school wearing only his underwear, only to wake up to find that he was actually in school - in his underwear. The teasing from that particular incident never stopped. Luckily, that was in a different school and about five years ago.)

'The Shwangs and the Frapps are closer, now more than ever, to a great war. Only your race can help stop this war.' The fairy had answered.

'Peace out!' Cuffy shouted (remember that this was his dream.)

The fairy flicked its rather girly-looking wand, and Rat appeared in a city square.

The DeeEdit

This city square (which was neither in any city, for it was surrounded by very small homes and grass fields, nor was a square, for the area was circular) was much like any non-city-circular. There were lots of people bustling about, doing nothing in particular. To the right of Rat were a few youngsters who were each pushing wheelbarrows and to his left were a young woman selling whatever anyone wanted.

Just then, a strange and rather large bee flew up to Rat. Now, I am not terrified of bees, but of course I would never let one get too close to me; a bee this size would make me (and you too, I'm sure) run for life and limb. Rat just simply stood there, for he sensed that the bee was rather friendly.

'Hello Rat.' The bee had said.

'Hello, bee.' Rat said.

'Oh no. I am not bee, that is my elder brother, the Spelling bee, I am called Dee.' Dee said.

Someone had once said that there was nothing in a name, that a rose will still smell sweet by any other name, but he never mentioned anything about bees. Imagine how dreadfully confusing it is to call a bee, Dee.

'My eldest brother was called Aaa, of course, but when he went to school, he was not particularly an 'A' student. My second brother was thus named Bee, though he turned our to be rather smart (especially at spelling.) So, naturally they named me Dee.' Dee explained.

'And what happened to Cee?' Rat questioned.

'Would you name your child after a letter in the alphabet? Thats just stupid' Dee replied. 'But my name is not important, I was sent here by King Leary to request your presence in his court by midday.

And thus, Rat and Dee set out to find King Leary (which they did.) It so happened that the King's castle was south of the non-city circular that Rat met Dee in.

While the two were walking towards the castle, Dee asked Rat why he was thus named; poor Rat had no answer. The truth is that Rat's friend Bruce gave him that name such a long time ago that Rat had forgotten all about it - to him, the name had always been there. If I were to tell you of Rat's real name, then - well, lets just say that Rat is a much more acceptable names - not that I am an expert at acceptable names; I mean look at my name: (Dhabih).

Rat's QuestEdit

King Leary is a very forgetful man - If you don't believe me, I'm sure you remembered the thing he lost in the first part of this story. So, naturally, you would believe that this certain King would've forgotten that he had already sent Bruce to retrieve his Shwizweng.

But, of course, this is not so. Rat had a more unique quest - and I believe that about this time, the King had already forgotten that he had even lost a Shwizweng. There was another problem in the growing war between the Shwangs and the Frapps - the Shwangs were out of cheese.

Professor Dumb-dat had later explained that cheese was necessary, though he can't remember why. There was a certain Shwangland soldier called Willey-Det who had single handedly won a battle against the Frapps using nothing but cheese - in my opinion, this certain soldier just fed the Frapps to death.

Now, of course you can guess why Rat was called for such a specific task. He was seek enough cheese to use in the upcoming war. Poor Rat didn't even liked cheese - if they had asked him to seek out meat (of almost any kind) Rat would've gladly found it (and possibly eaten it before he could deliver it to the king.)

So Rat was to seek out the cheese - Bruce was to find the Shwizweng.

The only difference is that Rat does not know how to escape from the dreadful dreamworld, whereas Bruce was unsure of how to re-enter (though I'm not too sure why he would want to.)

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