A story about two friends who started their journey together from 10th class. Their names are Rahul and Rajan. Both are brilliant in study and are always the first in their class. They are so close to each other they know everything of one other. When the time came, and both went to a college, Rajan joined Medical and Rahul joined English college. But both are in same campus so they enjoy college life together. But the real journey begins after college. Rahul went to Mumbai, to work in the IT company, and Rajam went to some village very far away from Mumbai.

Rahul's parents, which are staying at village called Gangapur, had started searching a nice girl for him. One day they called him at their place and told him that they had found a girl for him. Rahul always obeyed their parent so he married her and both of them settled at Mumbai. But Rahul is not happy with his wife. The reason is that his wife is not as smart as he is and she also doesn't know english. So he feels ashamed of her. But time is big medicine of all illness. And with time, everything has been going well.

After a year Rahul become father of two sweet baby boys. They are twins. Now his family became a happy family. Everyone is happy. But it's not a complete family. Rahul wants a sweet little girl like her wife. After 3 and a half years, his wish come to fruition. A sweet little angel has arrived on earth. All that see her fall in love immediately. Once you see her, you will never forget her cute face. And her name became SMRITI (meaning Listening). Now the family is complete. Everything is going perfect.

But god has decided something different, something more. Smriti fell ill. And because of the mistake of a doctor, what a day come in the life of Rahul! By mistake, the doctor had given her a high dose of medicine and Smriti lost her ability to Listen. She is only 1 year old and she can not listen, she is deaf, and because of that she has also lost her ability to speak.Rahul and his wife worried about their daughter.Suddenly Rahul's get up and call to Rajan and told all detail.Rajan told him don't worry he will be their as early as possible.And next day Rajan rang the bell of Rahul's door.Rahul opened the door.And he is suprised to see Rajan.And in his mind that golden school days and college days refreshing.They sat down and chat normal thinks.Then Rajan ask about Smriti where is she?Rajan took him towards Smriti's room.Rajan get in the room and checked her.And told Rajan with heavy heart that Smriti can not listen forever.But Their is good news that Smriti can speak she didn't lost her speaking ability but she can not listen word that's why she can't speak.Now a days there are lot of school and college are avalable for such child.So don't worry sweet angel will be fine dear.And that night Rajan went to his place.From next day Rahul and his wife started searching about such schools.They found out such schools and then they started to learn such language their self.Raul's wife first learn English language.And then learn that language.Both are reddy to do anything for her daughter.Smriti enter in school when she was 3 year old.As time passing Smriti started to speak.Now she speak with his father and her mother.Everybody was very happy.And during that period Rajan called Rahul that he is going to visit his place durring these summer.And he is curious to listen sweet voice of angel.Rajan reached at rahul place.He saw everybody in house is very happy.This is possible because of Rahul and his wife's firm determination.When i saw Smriti i just shocked.She looks so pretty.She look like Angel came to earth.She is playing with her big brothers.Both take care of her like she is princess of some state.Suddenlly she show me and came towards me and ask me uncle do u have choclate?Ohh! that sweet words i can not explain what does it felt?We enjoy the whole day with talking and playing with Smriti.

Everything going so smoothly.But Who knows what God decided.Because he is Director and Man is an actor who is send to earth to perfom his drama.Next morning everybody wake up.And Rajan's eye finding that sweet angel but he came to know that she had gone to school by schholbus.Schhol van dropped every student near schhol gate and Teacher helping every student to enter in school suddenlly a bike came from full speed and struct to schol gate and everybody running hear and their.During that situation by mistake someone puch Smiriti and she lost her control and struct in wall

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