Overview: Thousands of years ago, creatures from an unknown star system were watching the Earth. Their planet had been rendered uninhabitable by the terrible wars raged on it, and they were searching for another habitable world on which to settle. With technology far advanced beyond ours, they sent a ship down disguised as a meteorite, and it landed in the Arctic region. However, they were suddenly attacked by another race of aliens, with whom they had previously warred, and were forced to abandon the invasion as they battled with their assailants. The war went to Mars, which was only somewhat inhabitable (it wasn't any when they warred on it). However, having destroyed their enemies, the first race of extraterrestrials returned to Earth three-thousand years later, to continue the invasion. They had made some changes to their original war strategies. Instead of ruining the planets, they would systematically destroy the original species, and then through complex climate control means would control the weather to keep the Earth inhabitable. They tried several means; first of all, by disguising themselves as government agents to control the pre-were virus, but this failed after the cure of the disease, so then they tried to control the monsters from the "Dark Island" and transporting them to various spots around the globe. For a time they managed to maintain control, but then the creatures eventually, through their growing minds, broke free of the control and went berserk, and so the aliens consequently ended up helping the humans (without the humans' knowledge) to kill them off or contain them. That is when they tried out their third plan...

Please do not start this story until Secret of the Dark Island has been completed.

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