The ship flew around with the rolling waves. Everyone was afraid that this was the end of their lives. The cruise ship, SS Anne, was in danger of sinking. I was in mys cabin, hiding under my bunk. A vase fell on my head and I blacked out. I woke up on an island's beach. Around me, people lay unconscious in the sand. I stood up and climbed aboard the Anne and looked for food to feed MY grumbling stomach. In one of the cabins, I found a fishing rod and a basket. The fishing rod could catch fish, and I could put the fish in the basket.

I left the ship, to see one of the others standing up. "Where are we?" he ask. "An uncharted island." I said. "How did we get here?" he ask. "The Anne shipwrecked here." I said, opening the basket. "Oh my God! We'll all die!" he yelled. I smacked him. "Snap out of it. First things first. We need food and a place to store it." I said. "I have an ax, a hammer and some nails in my cabin. We could use it to build a storehouse and a shack." said the other survivor. "Great. Go get them. Start with those trees over there, at the end of the beach head." I said.

The other survivors woke up. A total of 100 people survived the wreck, plus my 3 friends, Kevin, Gary, and Cory. It was month since we first wrecked, and we had shacks set up for people. "Tommy, this isn't going so well." said Cory. "I know. Everyone has had fish stolen from their storage room. We need to set up some law and order." I said, putting my hands on my desk.

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