Scott McDaniels-Hudson is a junior in high school, who is 16 years old, two months away from turning 17.

Fictional StoriesEdit

Stranded on an Island-Life in Reality 3-ThialandEdit

He started on the male Chuay Gahn tribe, then move to the female (now mixed) Sook Jai tribe, as a result of a gender combination. He ended up in the merge, on the Sai Yok tribe, making it to the final two, beating out Maria in a 6-1 vote.

Fictional Big Brother 1Edit

He was one of the twelve starting houseguests, who won Head of Household in Week 3 and was nominated in Week 5 and at final three, where he faced a housemate vote. He ended up beating Maria in a Life in Reality 3 repeat.

Stranded on an Island-Life in Reality 6: Palau-Fans vs. FavoritesEdit

He started out on the fans (Airai) tribe. He made it to the merge at the final 10, becoming a member of the Sonsorol tribe. He ended up being voted out in a 3-2 vote in the final 5 stage of the game.

The Amazing Race-Fictional Style 1Edit

He was partnered with Laura, his mother. Him and his mother made it to the final leg, where they defeated Maria & Anthony and Apolo & Julianne for the prize.

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