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Scene 7 Edit

The family and mediums get up, brush themselves off and survey the damage.

Diane Deja vu

Steve What the heck was that thing??

Ryan C'mon you guys! The camera caught it. Let's have a look!

They all gather around the TV monitors and watch as the Clown Spirit comes down the stairs on the recording. They are amazed and shocked to see a bunch of other spirits behind it. Old Mae gasps.

Steve What is it?

Old Mae That was no clown! It was...

Diane What?? What was it?

Old Mae It was a spirit disguised as a clown!

Steve Har Har.

For some reason, all of the visible spirits are wearing hats. One of them has funny glasses on while another wears an old fashioned French hat, has a huge bandage on one ear and carries a painting done on canvas.

Ryan Oh great, looks like they've got a sense of humor.

Robbie Wow, where're they all coming from?

Old Mae Well I'd say they came from...hey cool! That one's a redneck!

She points at several ghosts who are wearing John Deere caps and carrying cans of beer and whose shirts are exposing their fat, hairy bellies.

Diane Hey! They all came from the back country! I think I can hear Hank Williams Jr playing too!

Ryan Wait! Look to the left! OMIGOSH! Look over to their left!

He points at a small bunch of non-redneck spirits. These spirits don’t necessarily wear hats but all look horribly woebegone and abused.

Old Mae Oh my...those are...victims of Scientology!

Victims of Scientology (All together in one voice)THERE ARE MORE THAN THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND OF US! We call on you to grieve For All Those Killed by Scientology! [1]

Old Mae Wait...just one of them's saying something!

Robbie What? I can't hear them.

Old Mae You're not psychic, Robbie. Only psychics can hear them. [closes eyes] It's Lisa McPherson!

Old Mae begins to repeat what the ghosts on the screen are saying.

Ghost of L McPherson I was shut up in a dirty place with cockroaches crawling all over and people werern't always allowed to talk to me, they did terrible things like holding my nose so I couldn't breath, well I think I just got worse there and I didn't even get to eat and drink enough. Then they even tried to tell me it was my fault I was sick. Near the end I was weak and confused, my head was throbbing, I couldn’t breathe properly, my chest felt horrible and so did my stomach, I was vomiting what little I did eat, my muscles kept tightening when I didn’t want them to and that just made me even more confused. Right at the end I was so weak and so confused I couldn’t even stop any number of dirty cockroaches biting me. [2]

Scene 7 and 1/2 Edit

Cut to brief scene of Lisa weak and miserable in a dirty, insect infested room, then return to the ghosts from the television.

The other ghosts, those with funny hats and those without express sympathy.

Second Scientology Victim I died in a similar way to you!

Lisa McPherson embraces the Second Scientology Victim compassionately.

Second Scientology Victim The Scientologists ordered me to stop contacting my family many years before they let me die so nobody ever found out what happened. [3]

There are more expressions of sympathy while some of the Rednecks say they would like to get their guns and shoot the Scientologists who caused the deaths.

Redneck Ghost I'll blow them brains out with mah twelve gauge! She's a real beutty, I got a ten-pointer with it!

Redneck Ghost 2 Nah, that was the neighbor's donkey, 'member? You was just lookin' for an excuse to shoot somethin'.

Redneck Ghost Hell yeah, that was the best shootin' of mah life! That there ass kept us up with his hollerin' all night long!

Redneck Ghost 3 Heyhey, remember the time mah dog lost his leg durin' that hunting trip? We couldn't get no deer so I shot the dog instead! Hoohoo!

Redneck Ghost 2 Yupper! Them were some good times! But I can't ferget that one truck that caught me in the headlights...

Redneck Ghost That were me. It was you?? I thought it were a deer...geez, I must've been stoned out of mah mind. Like I am every night! Then yer ma came after me and got me with the buckshot. Didn't hurt much though...

Redneck Ghost 3 Heh, must've been cause it killed yer! And that was mah wife that came after yew.

Redneck Ghost I know. What's the diff'rence?

Lisa McPherson You guys don't care do you?

Redneck Ghost 2 What was you talkin' about again? I think ah need 'nother Jack Daniels.

Lisa You're dead, you moron. You can't drink that stuff now.

Redneck Ghost 2 Damn! I fergot. I ferget alotta things after the aliens done suck my mind out.

All say with one Voice XENU! Footnotes

  1. With a secretive group like Scientology knowing exactly how many have died is clearly impossible, figures are likely to be estimates. None the less there have plainly been far too many unnecessary deaths. One unnecessary death is too much.
  2. Only Scientologists know what actually happened to Lisa though something has been leaked. We know from a description of Introspective Rundown that she could have been alone with auditors talking to her rarely while everyone else had to keep quiet. We know from Deaths: Italy, one more that Scientologists are taught that illness they have are their fault. Lisa was described as emaciated here which suggests she didn’t get enough to eat either. The Lisa McPherson autopsy report states that cockroaches had been biting her while this website suggests she was still alive when at least some of the cockroach bites happened. There is even a suggestion that Scientologists intentionally killed Lisa or allowed her to die, see End of Cycle which is Scientology speak for intentionally causing someone to die. By contrast Death in slow motion: Part 2 of 3 in a special report on the Church of Scientology suggests that Scientologists were talking to Lisa but did other very bad things like holding her nose closed so she had to open her mouth to breath to try and force her to take medicine. I got from a report by five doctors that Lisa was severely dehydrated when she died also I got the symptoms of dehydration including severe dehydration from Effects of Dehydration, an impartial medical website. Martine Boublil was mistreated in a similar way to Lisa McPherson but was rescued, we can no more than guess how many undeteted cases there have been.
  3. Were there other cases like Lisa McPherson? Scientologists do get orders to stop seeing relatives so it’s plausible that other cases were covered up with no family on hand to insist on an investigation. We just don’t know.

Scene 8 Edit

Somewhere in the OTHER WORLD L Ron Hubbard with Xenu and all his OTHER MANIFESTATIONS is looking over at this world.

All the Manifestations Together We’ll get them yet! We’ll drain them of all their cash yet! Ma Ha Ha!

Continuation Edit

Scientoligeist - The Spine-chilling Curse of Xenu/Scientoligeist Scenes 9 to 10

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