This play exposes the harm that Scientology causes in a way that tries to be macabre and entertaining.

Synopsis: L. Ron Hubbard, angry that his cult isn't getting even more money, comes back to life as The Beast. To avenge himself on the neighborhood of staunch skeptics of Scientology that has been built over his burial ground, he sends several spirits of deceased Scientoligists to possess the Freelings' house. Unfortunately, the emaciated and traumatized poltergeists fail to accomplish the evil goals of Ron Hubbard Ron the Nut, so he sucks Carol Ann into the refrigerator, possesses her, and in this way enters the house and causes terror and mayhem during the night. With the help of a dead former Scientologist (Patrick Swayze) and a child who can see the dead among the living, the Freeling's fight to save their daughter and send the founder of Scientology into the Light, where he will finally be cleared of his delusions.

References to harm by Scientology are generally clear as Scientology or Xenu is mentioned and there are links to websites that show how far criticism is true.

Contents Edit

  1. Scientoligeist - The Spine-chilling Curse of Xenu/Scientoligeist Start to Scene 2
  2. Scientoligeist - The Spine-chilling Curse of Xenu/Scientoligeist Scenes 3 to 4
  3. Scientoligeist - The Spine-chilling Curse of Xenu/Scientoligeist Scenes 5 to 6
  4. Scientoligeist - The Spine-chilling Curse of Xenu/Scientoligeist Scenes 7 to 8
  5. Scientoligeist - The Spine-chilling Curse of Xenu/Scientoligeist Scenes 9 to 10
  6. Scientoligeist - The Spine-chilling Curse of Xenu/Scientoligeist Scenes 11 to 12

Scientology advertisements appear or have appeared on this page. We don't know why Wikia accepts money from that questionable organisation.

Here’s a science fiction story about an alien called Xenu, We didn’t write it, someone called L. Ron Hubbard wrote it. Why is it important? All too often advertisements paid for by Scientology turn up on the Internet and some are obviously Scientology but others talk about Dianetics or just promise you ethical happiness etc without making the source clear. Well Scientology doesn’t look very ethical and many reasonable people say they’re more likely to empty your bank balance and make you less happy and less healthy than before. So if you find advertisements pretending saying they’ll improve your life and it all looks too good to be true keep away.


Spoofs the following films/stories:

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Can you imagine what it’s like to be dying in some dirty place with cockroaches biting you while you are still alive? I can’t though Scientologists let Lisa McPherson die that way and sadly that wasn't fiction. If you’ve the stomach for them here’s the Autopsy photos. Here's a further account of what happened,Death in slow motion: Part 2 of 3 in a special report on the Church of Scientology

We regret that Wikia puts Scientology advertisements onto some of our pages despite what’s wrong.

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