Chapter Four- Abaddon

When I opened my eyes, a hand was touching my back. I slowly focused and realized it was Uriel. Uriel was looking down at me, his glasses gone. "Can you see me?" I asked, surprised. Uriel wore colored contacts and yet when I was looking at his eyes, they were still dark and starry. I wondered why they were so beautiful and how they had become so beautiful. I couldn't help but stare for a while, his datk eyes still on me.

I only stopped staring when he started talking. "Of course I can. And why are you asking this kind of question when you just woke up from a five day slumber?" He was back to his old self. His know-it-all self. How boring.

His white hair strayed from his face as he pulled his hand back away from my back. I slowly started to realize things. One, I was in a hospitial bed, with sapphire sheets and and a sapphire blanket, unlike any hospitial bed I had ever been in. Second, I was wearing a hospitial gown. A disgusting, butt-open, air leaking, easily touched, hospitial gown. And the worst part was that even though it was in my favorite color, it looked no more digusting than anything else. I looked at it, in disgust. Uriel noticed my disgusted face and began talking. "I told them to give you one in sapphire, I thought it would look cute on me."

I rolled my eyes. "Boys," I said, "You only thought it was cute for me to wear it because it shows my butt." I looked him in his dark eyes.

He smiled, "Maybe," His eyes started to lower, and he leaned in closer to me, "Maybe I like that." He put his hand at the back of my neck, gently. His eyes steadied on me and I couldn't help blushing. I looked at him, blushing, my sapphire eyes got smaller as did his. His lips were an inch away from mine when the door swung open, and Uriel and I pulled away. At the infirmary's door stood two people. Michael and a shorter girl. Michael had his arm around the girl comfortably. I could see the fire tattoo's he had running down his arms. He had changed out of the clothes he had appeared on Earth with. He now wore a white t shirt and white skinny jeans. His Angel wings were out, but they seemed much smaller than they should've been.

The girl on the other hand was maybe taller than me, by a couple centimeters. She had shoulder length black hair and emerald green eyes that looked at me. She was smiling under Michael's arm, though I didn't think such a pleasent smell came from there. The girls nails were painted emeral green as well as her eyes. She wore a knee length white dress and white ballerina shoes. Above her dress she wore a white apron with stains of some kind of food I couldn't distinguish. "Oooh, were you two gonna kiss?" She asked smiling.

I blushed and so did Uriel. He turned away from me and sat down in a chair across the room, not making eye contact with me or anyone else. The girl walked over to me, leaving Michael with his arm streched out trying to get her. "Do you remember me, Sapph?"

I blinked, the name was familiar. The way she said Sapph made me wonder how I knew that voice. That voice that was always begging me to tell it things. Elizabeth. Elizabeth Grace. My best friend. "Ellie," I said, getting up from the hospitial bed, "Oh my gosh, Ellie!" I called out.

She hugged me, and that's when the rest of my memory came flooding back. I was standing in an extremely grassy area and I was talking to Elizabeth. Elizabeth was laughing at me and said, "Don't worry, Sapph! Uriel likes you!" Then another person appeared she had amthyest painted nails. Do you know how technology is drawn with straight lines in blue? The lines intersect and go back and forth like city streets. Her nails were painted like that except the color was amythest instead of blue. Her eyes were just amythest and her hair was black with several amythest streaks and highlights. Her tattoos were much like her nails and eyes, in amythest and lined with technology. I knew her name like a snap. Her name was Ariel. Ariel Lopez. "Yeah, Elle's right, Uriel likes you for you, he doesn't care about what you give him for his birthday as long as it's made with love from you."

Then I went back to what was happening currently. I looked at Elizabeth and asked her, "Where's Ariel?"

The door opened again and in came Raphael. Raphael walked over to Uriel and Michael who were talking to each other, in whispers, so I couldn't tell what they were talking about. Uriel started rubbing his temples and looked over at me, than back down. Raphael pointed to the door. "She's here."

I looked over to the door and so did Elizabeth. Ariel walked in. Her hair was up in two buns and she looked over at me with wide eyes. Her amythest eyes stared at me and made me awkward. She looked down at her amythest iPhone and looked back up at me. While looking at me, she typed something into her iPhone and pulled the iPhone up to my face. There was a flash and when my eyes adjusted I saw Ariel looking down at the iPhone and smiling. She flipped the iPhone over and showed a less than pleasent picture of me to the room. "It's my new memory of you, Sapph."

Everyone laughed at the not so pleasent picture and I blushed, Uriel was the only one that seemed to be distracted. His dark eyes stared out into the doorway but he wasn't thinking about that. I could tell. He saw me looking at him and looked over at me, I hid my head. Uriel wasn't to far away from me, really. Just seventeen steps away or more. He was sitting down with his legs crossed. I wondered why he was so handsome. Than someone snapped in my face. I blinked and realized everyone was staring at me. "Wow, Sapph, we know you like Uriel but you don't have to stare." Elizabeth said.

I blinked again and looked over at Uriel. "Didn't you promise me that you'd show me the level of Angel's?" I said flipping my pale blonde hair out of my face. My hair was messy, and was pulled down.

Uriel looked over at me and blinked, like he just woke up from a dream. He nodded. "Yeah, that's right." He got up, "Put something under the hospitial gown. That way guys don't look at your butt."

I got up, tilted a little, and almost would've fell if it hadn't have been for Ariel and Elizabeth using both of their strengths to tip me up. "Why? You'd be jealous if guys stared at my butt?"

Uriel blushed and walked to the door. He opened the door, his back to me. "Just hurry up please. I'll meet you outside." He walked out then back in and looked at his brothers. "Come on, guys. Sapphire's going to change." He said. Raphael and Michael looked at each other and then shrugged and walked out of the room along with Uriel.

I shook my head. "I don't understand boys!"

Ariel looked down at her iPhone. She shook her head. "I don't understand boy's either, they're all jerks." Elizabeth laughed. Ariel looked at her. "Why are you laughing?" She asked.

Elizabeth looked over at her. "Think about it, you like the kind of the Jerks, oh the irony!"

Ariel rolled her eyes. "I don't like Michael."

"I meant Raphael!" Elizabeth said angrily. "My boyfriend's not a jerk."

I got up. "Ladies, I need to change. And I have no idea where my clothes have gone. Now," I said, "If you don't mind, I'd like for one of you two to tell me where my clothes are."

Elizabeth looked at me. "No way! Sapphire is not a color that is supposed to be in Heaven! You have got to where white. Or else you won't look like one of us!"

"Just give me something in white." I said.

Ariel walked over to the bed and bent down, she was looking down at her iPhone the whole time. She pulled out a bin from under the hospitial bed and, without looking, pulled out a white knee-length dress. She brought it over to me, not looking at me. "Here, Sapph. Go to the bathroom and then leave when you're done. I have to go to the technology Angels. They need help."

Elizabeth looked over at Ariel's phone. "How about the food Angels?" Ariel did some scrolling on her iPhone and gave it over to Elizabeth who took it and typed in something. Then she looked over at me. "Sorry, Sapph, I can't stay with you either. I'll have to go too, their are new food Angel's that are just trainees, so they need extra help. Or else none of us will be eating today."

"It's alright. I'm used to it." I walked over to a closed door across the room. It was behind the bed, which I found unusual. Well, not really, it was behind a curtain that seperated the bed from a surgery room, I don't know why. I opened the door and walked into the bathroom. The bathroom was large, much like the bathroom I had over at my house on Earth. The door was white and the whole bathroom was white marble. The toilet was beside a small bathtub and the bathtub's curtain's were rolled back revealing the curtain openly. Beside the toilet, was the drawers and my height mirrors. The drawers had two seperate white sinks on them. I stood in front of the mirror and looked at myself. My pale blonde hair was tangled, my sapphire eyes made feel dizzy looking at them. I still wondered what had happened to me.

Before I could keep thinking I remembered that Uriel was waiting outside for me. I slipped into the white dress Ariel had given me. I looked odd in it, to be honest. It had one of those tops that are frilled. The dress was knee-length but I had no time to admire my beauty or the dresses beauty. I combed my blonde hair, nearly ripping off my hair with all the tangles. I found some white ballet slippers, and put them on. Lastly I tied up my hair into one high ponytail and left the bathroom. It was confusing getting out of the hospitial. It had many twists and turns, but I finally made it out and made my way to the front where Uriel was standing. He had his back to the hospitial. I came up with an idea.

With Uriel's back to me I made my way around him and then closed in around him. I jumped on his back. Uriel looked up at me, surprised. "What are you doing?" He asked, his voice startled.

I laughed. "I want a piggy back ride, Uriel!" I shouted at him, my voice full of joy and fun. I sounded like a little girl talking to her father and telling her father that she wanted a ride on her fathers shoulders. But I knew very well that I felt more for Uriel.

He smiled and laughed just as I did. "Get off of me you physchopath!" He laughed. I giggled and jumped off his back. I stood beside him. He walked me around. "First I'm going to take you to the healing Angel's."

I nodded. "What do they do?" I asked.

He looked down at me. "You're kidding right?" I shook my head. He shook his own head as if thinking that he could not believe it. "They heal things, like the Earth, people that are dying stuff like that. I'm the Archangel of Knowledge and I'm the Archangel leader of the healing Angels."

"Cool" Was all I could think to say.

Uriel pointed to a group of Angels. They were all standing around surgery tables, with bodies on the surgery tables. One of them looked like a boy version of Alexiel, so I presumed that it was Alexiel's real body. Another one looked a lot like Rosiel, so of course I also thought it was Rosiel's real body. The Angel's were all really tall and most of them were boy's, here and there there were some girls, but there were probably three girls in total. The all wore white jeans and white t shirts, with white lab coats. Uriel whistled. "ABADDON!" He shouted.

One of the Angel's turned around and started jogging in our direction. He had red hair that was spiked up tall and he had scary red eyes, that seemed to have been poked out to release blood. He wore the same uniform as everyone else, with the white tennis shoes as well. He waved at Uriel and stopped in front of us, panting. "What's up, boss?"

Uriel noddded, he put his hand on my back and pushed me closer to himself. "This is Sapphire." Uriel smelled good, like roses, or like the ocean in summer. I couldn't help but smell him. "Sapphie," He said, and I blinked, "This is Abaddon."

I stretched my hand out and Abaddon took it. "Nice to meet you, Miss Sapphie-"

"Her name is Sapphire." Uriel said, I could hear the silent anger in his voice, he had gotten tense, but he still held me close to him.

Abaddon smiled. "Right," He kissed the top of my hand, "Nice to meet you, Miss Sapphire." His lips were on the top of my hand, it felt weird, I admit.

Uriel pulled me away from Abaddon, surprising Abaddon. "Is everything under control, Abaddon?" Uriel asked, pretending like nothing happened.

Abaddon pulled out a clip board that I hadn't realized he had. He turned around and looked at something and made a mark on a paper on the clip board. He then looked up at Uriel. "Everything's fine, we just have one problem with a body. We haven't been able to control the death of the person."

"Where does the person live?" Uriel asked, top priorty.

Abaddon looked back again, and then made another quick mark on the clip board. He looked up at Uriel again. "Well, the spirit came and instantly we got to work. The spirit was damaged entirly and the body was being taken care of on Earth. Of course, they think that once they fix the body that the person will be fine, on Earth I mean. Of course, they are wrong. We had to fix the spirit but their's a big problem even though we've fixed the spirit the humans on Earth haven't been able to fix the body, they haven't really tried to tell you the truth. So we have tried to fix the body from up here, but we don't have enough power at the moment to fix the body along with how we already fixed the spirit."

Uriel shook his head. "That didn't answer my question. The important thing is where does the person live? Where was he born?"

Abaddon looked down at the clip board and mouthed something than he looked back up and put his clip board down. "Lives in Africa. Was born in America. It's a guy."

Uriel nodded. "Okay, I need that you call up the girl healing Angel's and direct them to this body and spirit, the girl's will be able to communicate better with a male spirit. Tell the girls to center their attenion on the spirit and it's health, than after that make sure that they can call up the body and fix it from up here, if not they'll have to go into human forms and fix the body on Earth."

Abaddon nodded and turned back around. He whistled and the girl Angel's I had seen before looked over at him. "Can you guys take number 6597?" He asked.

The three girls looked at each other, than the one in the middle nodded and put her right hand up and made a thumbs up. Abaddon turned to Uriel. "Now, if you don't mind boss, I have to get to work. And one more question, boss," He said, he made another mark on the paper from the clip board and looked at Uriel, "Can I count on you coming to check up on some other spirits that need healing this week?"

Uriel looked down at me and our eyes met. He looked up at Abaddon and shook his head. "Sorry, Abaddon, but God is trusting me to teach Sapphire. Sorry."

Abaddon shook his head. "It's cool, boss. I know that if Father says so, it has to be done, don't worry about it." Abaddon waved. "Gotta go boss, they need me right about now."

Uriel waved. "Healing Angel's..." He muttered.

I looked at him. "What are other Angel's are you going to show me?"

"I don't think I can show you anymore." He said, "We have to return you to the hospitial. I wasn't even supposed to take you out of the hospitial."

"But," I started, "Aren't you going to train me?"

Uriel shook his head, "I'm sorry, Sapphire, but you have to go back to the hospitial."

"Why do I have to go back to the hospitial?" I asked.

Uriel just looked at me. "Why?!" I asked again this time with a little more force.

Uriel didn't blink, he just stared at me caringly and thoughtfully. I pushed him, but he hardly moved. "WHY DO I HAVE TO GO BACK TO THE HOSPITIAL?!?!? YOU KNOW I HATE HOSPITIALS!" I yelled, my voice so furious I could hear it break.

"Sapphie-" I cut him off, still screaming.

"YOU CAN'T TAKE ME BACK THERE! I SAW THE SURGERY INSTRUMENTS! WHAT ARE THEY PLANNING ON DOING TO ME?!?!" I yelled, cupping my hands to my ears. My knees buckled, I fell down on my knees first, then bent over and fell down completely.

I smelled blood, it was close. I had always hated blood as I was growing up, so why did it smell so good right now? I felt feirce winds that dragged the smell of blood into my small nose. I started coughing, I really hated blood. But why? Why did I want to taste this one?

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