Chapter Three-Selaphiel

As he took me out of the castle he showed me some buildings. “That over there is the coliseum. Up there is the waterfall of Gabriel. This is the library where I dominate. Now this is my house.”

We paused in front of a white marble building. The lining of the building was midnight black. At the top were two turrets that resembled closely that of the Tag Ma Hall. The floors stacked up high but lower than the castle. The door was the size of that of the castle, but these ones were in black. Around the door in a circular pattern were ancient words when translated read the same way as that on the chair in the castles dining area, and the ones on the arms of Uriel. In the middle of the smaller turrets was a huge turret with stairs along the side. “Wow, this is amazing.”

Uriel smiled. “You sure are a bright girl. Now my house is different from others. The basement is more of a fighting area. In there we can practice your nuclear powers out and see what happens.” Uriel walked inside the house, I was closely behind him.

“What do you mean by nuclear?” I asked, my eyebrows lowered at his very rude remark.

The light of the house illuminated his star blue eyes. He laughed. “By nuclear I mean very unclear to us what the results might be.” Uriel bent his head over to look at me. “I’m sorry if it sounded rude to your beautiful ears.”

At first my lips were sealed easily. Before long, though, I spoke. “It was rather rude. A mouth like your own shouldn’t be rude to others so easily.”

We walked through the house and down ten flights of stairs. When we arrived down there I seemed to notice how many weapons and books there were in that room. Not long after we got down to Uriel’s ‘basement’ did he sit down on a black loveseat. “Why don’t you sit.” I noticed his words weren’t a question they were a kind, yet very forceful, command.

Next to his black loveseat was a white loveseat. I sat down in it and looked at his eyes from across the way. “You have a lover?”

My question was so blunt it made him jolt up. He looked like electricity had gone through his spinal cord finally landing in his membrane. “What?”

In an instant my mouth raised open again to find an answer to what I had just asked. “Well, do you or do you not have a lover? A boy does not purchase loveseats unless he has a lover.”

After a while Uriel straightened up and smiled at me. “Would you be jealous if I did have a lover?”

His words stunned something inside of me. My heart raced, I was prepared not to let him notice that. “Why would I be jealous of you?”

The last thing I wanted to make him do was frown, yet it happened anyway. “Let’s start training or else you won’t have any idea how to fight.”

Uriel stood his eyes steady for a long while then became fuzzy. He pushed his glasses up and pointed to the center of the room. “You have to start with controlling your breathing and your focus. If your focus is diverted you might be hurt. Stand there and keep a steady pose in which all of your muscles work at once.”

I got up from the white loveseat and moved to the middle of the room. My dress frilled in the unknown wind. My legs stood apart by a foot, and my hands held each other as if I was ready to pray. “Like this?”

Uriel walked in front of me and checked my body stance. “Straight back, check. Legs spread apart, check. Hands together, check. Do you want to try manifesting something?”

Pretty soon I nodded. “What should I try to manifest?”

Uriel flipped his hair out of his eyes and pulled off his glasses than slipped them back on. “A knife is a beginner weapon that you should be able to manifest.”

“What do I do?”

“Think about a knife, the design you don’t have to worry about. Clear your mind all together.”

“Ok.” I cleared my mind and began to think of a knife. Not a kitchen knife a war knife. Something that could stain blood and something that could stop a life in a matter of seconds.

I couldn’t see it. Two hands touched my side. “Breathe in slowly.” Uriel whispered in my ear. He was so close and his voice was so low and hushed. I opened my eyes. He reached for my face and covered my face. His hand smelled of flowers. Soon he took his hand away from my face. “Breathe out slower.” I could feel the warmth of his face on my ear. “Imagine a knife stabbing a body, imagine a sharp pain going through the neck or back or even the head. Now take the pain away with your hand and hold in your palm a war knife.” The words were disturbing but the way he said them made me feel reassured and safe. His white hair brushed against my face covering my right eye.

I imagined a sharp pain in my back. I felt blood coming from the spot. In an instant I turned around and gripped at the pain in my spinal cord. In the blackness I pulled it out and opened my eyes. In my hand was a thick bladed knife with its handle studded with sapphire roses and other flowers. I turned around to Uriel who was smiling with a look of pleasure on his face. “Uriel, look I did it!”

He smiled. “I knew you could.”

I through myself in his hands and he picked me up in the air. “I did it with your help! If you hadn’t done that I wouldn’t have been able to do this!”

He let go of me and looked me in the eye deeply. His face was turning red. “Let’s continue okay?”

I nodded. “Shouldn’t we try doing it without all the pain and sounds?” I reached for my back which still ached a little from the blackness and knife stabbing.

Uriel moved his white hair out of his eyes and looked around the room. “We’ll try doing that. It’s much harder but it will be needed for the battle because in Hell pain makes a huge sound. Now you have to know how to do it in any position you’re in. Ready?”

I stood in the middle of the room. “I’m ready. Any position right?”

He nodded.

“Okay, I’ll make a grenade?” My question wasn’t really a command it was a question.

Uriel nervously toyed with his forehead. “For a grenade what you do is imagine an explosion. The explosion has to hurt as if your limbs are being pulled apart. Control it when it happens or you could be in pain for months.” Uriel pointed to his palm and a group of letters formed on it.

The letters came off of his hands and swirled in the air around my body. “Take your position now.” He called out though his voice was very hushed and quiet like it was in the background.

I stood in the same position as before expect my hands were in front of me as if trying to reach for the letters. I closed my eyes and my body was enveloped by blackness and all sounds were gone. In the darkness I could see my body glowing; my hands next to each other palm up. The way the hands were face up I started to imagine what I would see in movies; grenades. The pain you might feel if a grenade missed its target and hit you instead. It was more painful than knife itself. At that moment some part of me was lost and felt as if it was being tossed and turned. The pain curled around my body squeezing my breath away. I didn’t feel like I was in my body, I felt I was a spirit who was looking at it happen from above. Within seconds I saw my body go in flames. I reached out to grab what was hurting me. In my hands was a grenade. I opened my eyes and fell to the floor.

Uriel ran to my side. “Sapphie, are you okay?”

I sat up. “That was more painful than you explained. Next time please do tell me whether or not my body’s going to go on fire.”

He smiled. “You are an idiot, aren’t you?”

I put my hands under my legs. “You really just noticed that?”

He looked around the room. “Let’s go take a break. You deserve it.”

I got up. “Ouch!” I reached for my back. “Where’s the grenade?” I asked looking around at the floor wondering.

“Did you have it in your hand in the manifestation?” He asked looking at me than around the carpet.

I looked up. “Yes, I did. Question; Can the top of the grenade snag on to fabric and be pulled by loud movement and explode?”

Uriel looked at me his eyes had gone really nervous. “In Heaven they sure can. Find that grenade!”

We fell onto the floor searching the grenade I had seen in the manifestation. Uriel helped me move the loveseats and there wasn’t anything under them. I helped him pick up some of the sofas. Later on we looked under the area I had been standing in. “I can’t find it. This is bad. It’s my entire fault!”

Uriel looked up from the library area he had gone to search. “Don’t worry about it I really shouldn’t have let you try manifesting a grenade anyway.”

I looked at him. “Yeah you’re probably right.”

“What did you say?” He asked angrily.

“You shouldn’t have let me manifest a grenade in the first place.” I smiled to him from across the floor.

He gave off a bad aura but his response was something his playful side would say at a time like that. “You’re an arrogant trickster aren’t you?”

My eyes brightened up not the fake one I would put on at school on Earth. “I have never been arrogant except for when I first met you. You’re face was adorable when I saw you in class and my heart skipped a beat. I like playing around with you.”

He smiled giving off a better aura than before. “You’re cute when you talk that way. I love playing around with you too, but if we don’t find that grenade we won’t have each other to play around with.”

I moved over to the board on the opposite side of the room and saw something hanging from a tip. I got closer and realized that it was indeed the grenade I had gotten in manifestation. It was hanging from the thing that made it explode. “I found it!”

“Sapphire don’t touch it!” He said it too late. I already pulled it from the thing it had been hanging on. I saw the cap of it snap back over the grenade. I screamed and nothing happened.

I looked up and saw Uriel sweating. “Sapphire, don’t ever do that again. Understand?”

I smiled. “Yeah, I won’t do that.”

He grabbed the grenade back. “I’m not letting you make grenades in Heaven anymore.”

“That’s a great idea. Though it was your entire fault for telling me to make it in the first place.” I got up from the floor by holding the board.

He spoke in an ancient language and I assumed he had just cussed at me. “We should take a break now.”

I looked up at him not smiling anymore, but dead serious. “I think that would be the best thing to do.”

His eyes changed they weren’t the wild ones he had before, but instead they were focused and questionable. “What do you want to eat for our break?”

I shrugged though my thoughts were elsewhere I still responded as if I knew the question, “I’ll eat whatever you make me as long as it doesn’t make me fat. I have to keep my figure for,” I paused trying to choose my next words correctly, “certain things.”

He looked at me. Uriel’s eyes seemed to burn and tug at something inside of me. It’s like he wanted to find out what I wouldn’t tell him but refused to ask. “As you wish my love.” His voice was romantically tainted.

My mouth fell open letting out what sounded like a nervous laugh and a meek squirm of the body. “Yes okay.”

He laughed. A bright and tolerant laugh. Yet it was so bold and forceful. Then again he was a guy, did I really except his laugh to be small and quite? His laugh made me smile. A true smile. “I was kidding. Couldn’t you tell?”

My voice quavered. “Yeah I did.”

He had his hand on my shoulder his smile was more than just bright. “Of course you did. After all you’re very smart.”

I frowned. “I’m hungry, will you, um?” I tried to waver from saying if he’d make food. That would just sound mean and conceited.

He blinked. “Oh yeah that,” He dropped his hand from me and put his hands in his pockets. “I will. Stay here we’re going to eat in here.”

I sat down in the white loveseat. “I’ll wait.” He left the room.

I took it upon myself to look around the room and see what it looked like. The carpet in the center of the room was a vast ornament designed one. If I looked closer at the carpet I noticed its more etiquette design. It was a palace, which I realized to be the Castle of God, on top of a black cloud. The castle’s entry statues weren’t Uriel and I instead it was a man who had this strange tint to his posture. His posture was straight and proud but, in the bad way. He showed a pride that would look down on others. His hair was long like my own and straightened. The eyes were red but a rather darkened shade of red. His hair matched his eyes. I realized he had pentagons on his hands brightening in a bloody rose red. He wore a long red cloak with a long red robe underneath. His beard had a sharp end to it. In his hand was a red decorated knife sharply pointed and dabbed with something. Around him nothing about the castle had changed or anything else. What had changed was the angels were doing hard labor. Blocks on their white backs, crushing their wings. Feathers from dozens of wings spread over the clouds and bleeding down. A man sat in a throne; he closely resembled God, with a man at his feet. The man had the same begging face of someone who would be punished. Than without hesitation had a single of relief and a devious smile much more devious than that of Michael himself. I tore my eyes from the carpet in fear. Behind the loveseats were rows and rows of books all stacked up on shelves. Books from as far back as possibly the 4 century. All books seemed to be in mint condition as if they had never been opened nor looked at. Knowing Uriel for who he was I knew that he must’ve read every single book on the planet more than twice. In front of the loveseats and on top of the carpet was a white board which I had just noticed to be a very flat screen T.V. which had been turned off. I stared closely at the drawers around the room and instantly realized they must’ve been filled with books. Beside two drawers in the middle was a bed that looked like my own with the four wooden posts. The only difference was the sheet was white and the bed covers were black with very faint but read able white lines. It read as follows, “Few know her touch. She smiles with no pleasure, there are measures you have gone through to prevent this. The more she looks at you the more you think you have lost her altogether. You she loves you more than you loved in the past, now is the present, prevent what you didn’t want to happen.” I got up from the chair to more closely examine the words. I ran my fingers up and down them. In the middle of the bed was something I had never seen so beautifully written:

“Sapphire Light, forever loved.”

I sucked in air and blushed. Who could write something like that? Such beautiful writing. The texture was dark but very visible through the black bed covers. Suddenly the door at the other side of the room opened. Uriel came in. He held a plate with two tiny glass cups. Tea. Tea always suited my nerves when I was scared, worried, or, mostly, lonely. Uriel looked over at me his deep blue eyes were gleaming mysteriously. “What are you doing over there, Sapphie?”

I moved myself away from his bed and blushed nervously. “I am very sorry, Uriel. It’s just I was looking around the room and well I saw lettering on the covers and wanted to see what it said. I didn’t mean anything bad I swear.”

He shrugged and set down the plate of tea in the table in between the two loveseats. Uriel threw his hair impatiently out of his face. “The name Sapphire Light is your full human registered name, correct?”

Nervously, but questionably cute, I nodded. “I don’t know what you would mean by ‘human registered name’ but for as long as I’ve lived that’s been my name.”

Uriel had a nodding expression on his face. “Human registered names are names given to humans after their first time in Heaven. Sit, I can explain better that way.”

He had taken the black loveseat and had crossed his legs patiently. I sat in the white loveseat my eyes tolerantly placed on him.

Uriel grabbed the cup of tea and handed one to me and the other he kept to himself. “I should explain Heaven to you sense I decided to be the one to show you around. Sense you will be our secret weapon you need to understand heaven. Now a human registered name is a name sent to the couple that will receive you. You get a place in Heaven before you’re created. Now this is when you’re spiritual body is put in Heaven for a whole lifetime. Then you die and get reborn with no memory of Heaven to a family who isn’t your own. After that there are a lot of more processes, such as this one. I will show you the levels of Angel’s tomorrow morning, though there are some Angel’s that don’t come out until night. Would you like that?”

I looked down at the tea in my hand. It was green tea with a tiny green leaf sticking out. “I have a question.” My voice wasn’t asking a question it was forcing a statement. “Who’s the seventh Archangel? Why doesn’t Alexiel like to talk about him/her?”

His face turned dead serious as if he had been waiting for this question for a while. “His name is Selaphiel. Selaphiel only joins us at times when he has the interest to do so. Of course he never does so my brothers and I do not agree with the thought of such a guy to be required on our group. Alexiel hates people like that so she/he refuses to talk about him.” Uriel sipped on his tea like his siblings hating each other had nothing to do with him.

I gaped a little. “Aren’t Angel’s incapable of hating?”

Uriel looked up through his glasses pulling them back a little. “Alexiel is the Archangel of Life; she has the capability of any emotion.”

I raised an eyebrow up. “Isn’t she a he? What’s ‘her’ real name?”

Uriel pulled the tea from his lips and gravely closed his eyes. “Alexiel is a guy. ‘Her’ real name is Jegudiel. Rosiel isn’t in his proper body either, his gender is male but his name was changed. His real name is Barachiel.”

I gave him a confused look. “I’m sorry but I don’t understand why aren’t they in their real bodies?”

“You see when an Angel’s body is harmed; God and some of the Healing Angel’s take the body and begin to restore it. In the mean time you must have another body to be in. Everyone must go along with it like calling you by your newly chosen name and calling you a she/he. We pretend it’s nothing so we don’t attract attention from our enemies farther down. Any other of your rather surprising questions?” Uriel held out his palm face up trying to explain it.

I nodded. “Will you tell me the powers of you and your siblings and possibly some other Angel’s?”

He choked down something. “Michael is the Archangel of Fire, Alexiel is the Archangel of Life, Rosiel is the Archangel of Earth, Gabriel is the Archangel of Water, Raphael is the Archangel of Air, and I am the Archangel of Knowledge.” With his hands he moved the position of his hair over a little.

I looked at his eyes. Through his glasses they seemed darker and more star coated. I saw something I had never seen in a person’s eyes. They glowed and maybe even contained a little bit of guilt for some unknown reason. “What about Selaphiel?”

Uriel whistled. “I like your questions. Selaphiel is the Archangel of Weakness. He has many but shows the weaknesses of others when around them. That’s also a reason Alexiel hates him. He shows the weakness of anyone that approaches him. I don’t like my weakness to be showed.”

I was going to ask another question when we heard a knock from the front door. I followed him back up the stairs to the front door. He opened it. I looked beyond him to find a guy the same height as him standing there hands in his jacket pockets. He wore a grey crew neck jacket with a grey shirt underneath. His grey skinny jeans were hung down like a gangster. His skin was a grey type very personalized. He wore at least four rings on each hand. He had a buzz cut; his ears were lined with several piercings. He had one nose ring and a tongue piercing. That was that this dude was crazy.

“Aren’t you going to let me in?” He asked rudely looking at me. “Or were you going to keep me outside?”

I looked up at Uriel who had a displeased look on his face. I thought a fight was going to break down right there. “Come in, Selaphiel.” Uriel mumbled through gritted teeth.

I gaped, hastily I moved back. My back touched the table behind me and I looked around for an exit. Selaphiel ducked into the house and saw me at the table nervously holding myself back. He walked over to me and I kept trying to move but his vision was set on me and wouldn’t let me go. Selaphiel ended in front of me, his hand touched under my chin. “You’re weakness is fear. You have too much of it because you never had anyone who cared for you. You were always scared that you would lose someone important to you. Sapphire Light you’re weakness is fear you don’t fear it but you weaken when given it!” His voice was hard and unstable.

Suddenly he pulled away. I looked up and saw Uriel holding him by the collar. His hand was made into a fist high up. “Tell me!” He shouted.

I nervously looked at him. “Tell you what?”

He didn’t move his eyes from Selaphiel. “Tell me you want him dead! Tell me now! I want to hear it!”

I ran over to Uriel ceasing his hand. “Uriel, please stop! You’re going to hurt yourself. Please stop!” My voice was raised worryingly.

He dropped Selaphiel down. “You’re weakness is trust. You have too much people that trust you so you wish to pay them back by trusting them. You were always scared to trust more people like me and yet you wish too. Uriel your weakness is trust you don’t fear it but when faced by it you will weaken!” Selaphiel petted his head which had blood streaming down it.

I covered my mouth. I collapsed onto the floor shivering. I felt a hand shake me and call out too me. I heard Uriel shouting some words I couldn’t make out. What’s going on, I thought after my collapse, am I dying? The voice in my head was very faint but audible enough to know I couldn’t feel pain or sadness at that moment. Maybe I am awakening from a dream to find myself in the hospital back home. I must’ve fallen down the stairs at my house before going to school. I had just imagined all of this. God would never want the help of a human for such a deed. My brain must’ve been tricking me, to please me, to fool me in the mean time while it repaired. Even though I said this I wasn’t sure I had dreamt it. It would be better if it was all a dream. I thought that so easily. Yet inside while thinking about that my heart had felt like it had been tugged at. I don’t want it to have been a dream. I don’t. I don’t. I don’t. My voice faded away.

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