Chapter Two-Heaven, Earth, and Hell

As I had entered the portal my mouth fell open. Behind me the portal had closed and seeped away. In front of me was a scene anyone would marvel to see. Below us withstanding the scene were millions of bleach white clouds. Huge ones the ones you would see on a stormy day or a cloudy day. Except the fact that the clouds were as white as if they were put in a laundry and left to get more colors. Right below the clouds was what both scared and surprised me. It was the Earth itself. A rainbow spread below with such deep and beautifully colored colors. Sky scrapers loomed below us looking like ant castles. Houses were about as tiny as a human being would be from more than to far up in the sky. Humans had turned into scuttling bugs. In front of me was another scene. Beautiful white house’s probably much bigger than any skyscrapers you’ve ever seen. The houses had families sitting on porches in white gowns for females and white pants and shirts for males. I was thinking maybe I was dreaming. This was not clearly false. Never in my life had I seen something so marvelous. In the paths there were growing white roses and other white flowers. One thing I had barely noticed was the small delicate angel wings.

“Well? Don’t just stand there. Follow us.” Raphael said rudely.

I walked without saying a word. I realized there were only six of them. “What happened to the seventh?”

They all paused. Gabriel turned to look at me. “Seventh? What do you mean?”

I stared up at them. They were all varied in height and hair-style but all except Uriel had the same eyes that seemed to have some kind of force to them. Loath. Confidence. Mischief. Happiness. Strength. Love. Those were the ones you could see by looking in their eyes. “There are supposed to be seven of you, right?”

Rosiel nodded.

“Who is the seventh?” My sapphire blue eyes met Uriel’s and I knew that he was the only one of them that would tell me the truth.

“You do not need to know about the seventh! Let’s just say the seventh didn’t wish to come along!” Alexiel growled.

I stepped back. I was scared that I had said something wrong. I clasped my hands together and looked down. “You’re right. I don’t have to know who the seventh is. Its fine, for now I’d rather not know. Sorry for my question, it’s ridiculously stupid and very much naïve of me. Please forgive me.”

Someone put their hand on my shoulder to comfort me. I looked up. It was Uriel’s face smiling down at me sweetly. “Don’t worry about it Alexiel always gets mad when she hears that question. We don’t really care. I’ll tell you later if you wish.”

I shook my head. “Stupid questions do not deserve answers as much as I want one.” Grabbing his hand I took it off my shoulder.

He frowned and took a glance at his hand. Michael looked at us. “We have to go now. Please follow us.”

I nodded. They led me to a huge white mansion bigger than my own. The walls were made of glass as well as the surrounding floors and statues. At the entranceway were two ten feet tall crystal glass angelic figures. Each one was holding a pitcher of water with elements of the world coming from it. The left statue was a woman in a dress with white daisies in her silver blond hair. In her free arm she held a white rose. Her features were pale crystal, sapphire eyes barely noticeable through the white features. Her face seemed to resemble my own. Her eyes were pointed toward the floor and she smiled brightly. Across from her on the right was a crystal statue of a male. The male also held a pitcher of water in his hand and in his free one a thick novel was held. His hair was silvery white with undying deep blue eyes with stars in them. The statue had a tattoo of Knowledge is Only Mine in silver ran across his hands. They were in different languages and seemed to be running into his chest. Its face was staring straight ahead with a beautiful smile on his face.

I gasped. “Uriel,” I grabbed him by the hand, “is that you?” I pointed to the male statue.

He smiled. I looked at him then the statue. It was him. “That’s me alright and that one over there is you.”

It was me. We walked into the mansion. Inside I got a closer look at it. It wasn’t much of a mansion more of a castle. Silver stairwells flowed down the sides curving immensely. In the middle was a fountain. The middle of the fountain was the two statues I had seen outside. The only difference is the fact that this time the statues kissed. My statues hair was flowing back in silver curls. Water came down into the fountain. As I stared up I presumed the roof was never ending. So high up that it looked like a tiny spec was a skylight. Somewhere someone must’ve opened a window because a cool breeze was blowing in. Around the fountain on different walls were huge cathedral windows. Paintings lied on those mural like windows. One was of noticeably Jesus Christ. His brown beard and hair straightened. The walls were crystal colored like the outside and looked like it was made of diamonds. The door that we had entered through had seemed to get larger from the inside. A pure gold door handle sat there with a golden lion plated on it. The lion’s mouth opened with passion and aggression. Straight ahead of us through a huge door less corridor was a dining table being the only thing in my area of view. I followed them into the door less corridor.

When we entered the corridor I realized it wasn’t at all a corridor instead a huge dining area. The dining table I had seen from the fountain lay there untouched except for a man at the head of the table. The dining table was set up in the way my family would set it up. Sense my family was rich we wouldn’t settle for normal food. Set on either side of the napkins were at least three spoons and three forks. Mahogany seats loomed around the long table. 25 seats went around the table. Six mahogany seats had designs on them. One had lions on its shoulders. Another had cracks of earth on its own. The third scattered a wave of heat on it. The shoulders of the fourth were dripping with water. The fifths shoulders were blowing wind around itself. The last one had deep dark black text on it; it read Knowledge is Only Mine. Every one of the siblings took their seats. Alexiel in the seat with the lion heads. Raphael, in the seat with the high powered wind. Michael in the seat with heat. Gabriel gripping the dripping water of his seat. Rosiel in the seat with the cracks. Last Uriel took his seat in the one with deep engraved black letters; I sat next to Uriel in the design less seat.

The man that sat at the head of the table stared at us. He had white hair down to the waist. When I say white I don’t mean the white hair that Uriel had but an old man white. His eyes were steady with silvery pupils that seemed to know everything. I looked closer at his eyes and realized they were the silvery pale blue eyes that Uriel had. The man had a long white beard. His skin was beautiful but sunken in under the eyes maybe after no rest. Under his sunken eyes were small dimples. Now his skin seemed to have paled unnaturally. Next to his chair was a cane the cane had a white symbol of life on it.

“Hello.” The man said his hands crossed calmly on the table. “Sapphire, we have missed you.” His voice was faint as if he was far away. His eyes seemed to read everything about you. I thought he was looking into my past.

In his voice I heard a strong cord. Very strong yet it seemed to vibrate and echo in your mind. I looked at him, my body shaking I spoke, “Are you-.” I paused unwilling to make a mistake I might regret. “Him.”

He smiled, the type of smile Raphael made, a very cruel, cold smile. “If you refer to ‘the him’ from the Power Puff Girls with claws like a crab and a pink skirt then you are much incorrect.” His voice was steady repeating itself in my head.

I gasped in. “G-god, are you okay? H-has something happened?” I looked at him my face thrown by horror and fright.

God smiled, not a Raphael smile this time, this smile belonged to the playful Gabriel. “Words like this are not meant to be said.”

Uriel and his siblings watched our conversation. “What do you mean?” I asked. “Shouldn’t I be the one saying that to you?”

This time his smile changed, he wore the pleased smile of Alexiel on his old face. “You really have learned a great deal.”

I was still lost. Was God being serious? His smile kept changing but his eyes stayed sad and lonely. “Your misunderstood,” I started, “Will you stop changing your face and explain?”

Nothing. Now his smile had spread into that of Rosiel. “I am impressed.”

I got it now. “But you are confused. You have been missing something that few people lack and when it comes out it’s going to start something. That’s why you’re afraid to show yourself. God, what has happened sense I left? What has happened to Heaven? What has occurred to Earth? What is Hell doing to cause this?”

This time he frowned. His own frown. “When you left a lot of things happened at once,” God started re-telling a tale he had come to engrave in his brain. “Lucifer requested we have a war for all three worlds. I denied him several times. Instead of coming to Heaven to request it, he started causing pain and suffering through the world. Viscous earthquakes leaving thousands of children’s without homes and without families. These were messages from him to either except war or lose Earth. Both ways if I fight him I will have to destroy the Earth and if I don’t under our own rampage the Earth will fall. I do not wish this.” His hair fell in his eyes covering what seemed like God crying. He didn’t of course, cry, I mean.

“God, show her. It’ll be the best you can do.” Gabriel said.

God looked at me his silver eyes pulsing. “Please come here, Sapphire.” God got out of his high seat.

I got up. Behind me were Uriel and his siblings. We followed God out of the castle and onto the edge of a cloud. There he pointed down. “See?” God’s hand faced up while pointing at the rumbling earth beneath us. “Lucifer has been requesting war for more than just the life span of the Earth. Now that he sees how much I love this Earth he requests war by causing disasters. I try my best to prevent these but he refuses. He also does not enjoy the fact that when a person had their time in Hell for doing something bad, they get sent up into Heaven. Lucifer says that I am taking his armies away.” God looked up at us for answers.

“Sir-.” Alexiel started.

“I told you,” God blazed his silvery eyes at Alexiel, “I am the father of all please call me father. Or ‘dad’ or ‘daddy’. I like these terms they sound rather sweet.” God set his hand equal to his heart. He made a cross. Below the rumbling ceased. His hand went back to his heart making another cross. This cross came up as if animated with a blazing white light. He whispered something in the middle of the cross. In a second it vanished into the ground somewhere below.

“Yes, well, father, we must do something. Or else the world will be crushed by disasters and famine. It is required you do something of this.” Gabriel instructed his words slipping off his tongue.

“Gabriel I know you are my right hand man but you mustn’t make my decisions without my acquire. Any other suggestions that will not get my most precious design destroyed?” God offered walking back to the castle and sitting calmly into the head seat. Everyone else on his heels.

“Father, I have an idea that most likely will not destroy your precious design of Earth.” Michael was acting like a suck up. He wasn’t acting like he had been this morning. Morning. What time was it? Shouldn’t I have gone home by then? I looked outside at the window and realized the sun was rather low in the sky. Bright colors of the sunset seemed to seep through the clouds. Rays of sunshine seeped through the thickness of the clouds. Clearly the colors were deep and purple and not too impressive compared to that of sunrise or even that of dawn.

“I’d love to hear it, Michael.” God said as angel woman and man came into the room. Some carried trays in their hands. They set it down and bowed at God who thanked them with a grateful look on his face, the face of a man who is poor and is receiving money from someone.

Michael fussed suddenly. Moving around nervously. “I am very sorry I have not come up with one yet. I will search.” Michael reached out for a bowl of fruits which was passed around the table.

It landed in front of me and I looked down at it. Everyone else had taken fruit from it but the fruit in the bowl only seemed to have increased instead of decreasing. Gently I moved my hand over to it. I touched the edges with one hand and with the free one took out a vine of perfectly formed grapes. I set it on my plate and took out a fist big strawberry. I looked at everyone else who had begun to eat the fruits. The silverware was positioned on the table without any movement. Gently I pulled off a grape from the vine. With one finger, my index finger, I raised it to my lips. My index finger gently touched my lips as I chewed. I swallowed the grape. My eyes lit up, “This is delicious!” The grape tasted like a normal grape except it was somewhat deeper and yet it had a load of other tastes. It tasted of wine and it seemed to consume and ravage something inside of you.

Next to me Uriel smiled. His eyes seemed to get darker and brighter. “Glad you like it!”

Michael looked up from his embarrassment. “Elizabeth made it. She works so hard. Elizabeth.” Michael smiled across the table and stared at the ceiling.

“Elizabeth? Who’s that?” I whispered to Uriel.

Uriel looked at me. “Elizabeth is the archangel of food. When I say this I mean she creates food with divine tastes like that grape. Michael and Elizabeth have been together for as long as I remember.”

I made a joke. “Which is pretty long?”

Uriel smiled. “Exactly.”

We looked back up. Michael was still staring at the ceiling. Then he moved his eyes to a doorway. In the doorway stood a girl my age with shoulder length black hair which was curled. Her eyes shone in a bright green. She wore a white dress covered by a white apron and a chef hat. She wore white running tennis shoes. In her hand she held a vine of grapes. Her eyes met Michael’s and they both smiled. I guessed that was Elizabeth. She waved at Michael who raised his hand at her.

I smiled. God began to talk. “Now we must expand on our plans and our history. Any ideas?”

Uriel began to sweat. Rosiel raised his hand proudly. “We should do as the bible portrays. Jesus must take the scroll and open it. I do not see any other resort.”

God nodded though I could tell he wasn’t sure. He didn’t like the idea. His beautiful eyes moved to Uriel who had dropped his head on the table. His white hair slung forward. “Uriel is this incorrect?”

Uriel slowly raised his head. “Yes, it is.” His hair clung to his face. “When I received the scroll I would not give it to Jesus-.”

“He would not.” A man stood in a robe at the table. He had shoulder length brown hair and a brown beard. His eyes were caramel instead of sun splotched. His eyebrows were thick. His face was tanned and seemed to have endured something in his living times. His forehead had a bleeding spot that had not left. Out of this bleeding spot was a silver object that seemed to shine. His hands when raised carried the same deep bloody spots with a silver object coming from it. I looked at his feet. He wore brown sandals. In the middle of either foot was another set of bloody spots with a silver object, a nail I had noticed.

“Welcome, son.” God motioned to the seat on his left which was empty and fruitless.

“Father.” The man bowed. “Brothers.” He turned to Uriel and then spread his head around.

“You forgot about Alexiel. She’s not a boy.” I said out of nowhere.

“On the contrary, you see my real body is in healing. I am in fact a male. My name is not Alexiel either. Though for now you shall refer to me as a ‘she’ and not a ‘he’. When I do get my body out of healing you can refer to me by my real name and call me a ‘he’.” Alexiel stated.

I quivered. “You mean to say you’re violating a girl’s body?”

Alexiel gave me a dirty look from across the table. “I created this body. I’m the archangel of life after all. Now Uriel will you please continue.”

Uriel nodded. “As I was saying when I received the scroll I refused to hand it to Jesus. My fear was overcoming me. I brushed up on both my biblical and historical history in my library. I saw the natural disasters in the past seven years. Most of them Lucifer decided to cause. Of course others were of the only making of man. As I read I found many things in both the bible and some historical archives. Whenever a disaster would occur it would not only be the fault of Lucifer, but also of our own faults. If I had given the scroll to Jesus he would break the first scarlet seal. With the first scarlet seal comes out the first of the four horsemen. As the first horseman touches Earth, with the force of Lucifer a massive earthquake will occur. After that the second seal will be opened releasing the second horseman. The second with Lucifer’s power will most likely cause a tsunami. It keeps on going like this yet some parts are more complicated.”

God’s steady eyes seemed to get steadier. “Uriel how do we prevent that?”

Uriel’s pale blue eyes seemed to suddenly get paler. “I know the answer to that too. We must first fight against the Seven Princes of Hell rather than just Lucifer alone. This is of course the best and only answer. Of course we will need a passage way to Hell. This will be an earthquake that Lucifer will unknowingly provide for us.”

Alexiel looked up. At first I had thought she wasn’t paying attention but I guess I was clearly wrong. “What if he doesn’t cause an earthquake?”

All the talking was taken by the siblings. The man who had walked in looked at everyone awkwardly. He muttered something under his breath. His hand slapped the table silencing every ones shouting leaving only whispers and mutters. “What is wrong with you all? We have a guest!”

“Jesus, please son sit.” God said to the man in a calm voice.

I squealed and covered my face. “Y-your Jesus?”

Alexiel rolled her eyes in front of me. “You just noticed? He is the Jesus everyone sees on cards and churches. Uriel, bro, I love yeah but your too smart for that chick.”

I turned around angrily. “I’ll smack that smirk right off of your man face! Just so you know, for a girl you don’t have a big chest or any chest.”

Alexiel clenched her fists and growled. “You’re a vampire! What do you know?” She banged her fists on the table.

Jesus looked up. “Alexiel sit.” Jesus looked at Uriel. “Explain to us more, um, please?”

Uriel nodded. “If you mind these contacts are bugging me. I’d like to wear my glasses please.” Uriel bent up to face the ceiling and poked his right eye. From it came a half circle with light blue lenses at the top. When both were out he looked at me. His eyes were a deep blue with remnants of stars in them. They glittered in the bright light of the castle. “Father if you will my glasses.”

Across the table God bent over and rose with a pair of black lenses in his hand. “There you go Uriel. Now continue.”

He placed the glasses and continued. “Sapphire, you have a special power no other vampire holds. Yes, Sapphire, Alexiel was telling the truth, you’re a vampire. You can manifest weapons out of air. We just have to train you to use this power and you’ll be our secret weapon. Okay?”

After hearing what I had never wanted to hear, I nodded. “If we can save the Earth than it’s a yes.”

“Heaven.” God said. “Earth.” He said. “Hell.” The last word he spat at. “These are the three kingdoms. It goes in this very order; Heaven, Earth, and Hell. I create them in this order.”

“I’ll start training Sapphire. Come on Sapphire I need to teach you and I’ll make sure you catch up on our plan.” Uriel stood bowing to everyone at the table.

He took my hand and led me out of the castle.

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