Chapter One-The Pale Blue Eyes

It was the first time I realized who I was. I was standing in front of the mirror. My name was Sapphire Light. I have pale blond hair with intimidating sapphire eyes. My baby soft skin is scary when you realize its shade, an icy pale skin with fear etched on it. I am model tall, with a good figure. I was named Sapphire because of my sapphire eyes, no, they are not blue. No one in my family has such sapphire colored eyes or pale skin. My hair is usually curled or pulled up by a heart shaped comb. That morning I braided my hair in a sapphire lace pulled up high on my head. An upside down golden crown hugged my hair. I was preparing myself for school. With a gentle walk I closed my already open closet door. On my bed’s sapphire blue sheets speckled with lighter shaded blue hearts, and dozens of hugely matching pillows stood up right, on top of all that and even the wooden barriers of the floor and columns was a dress. I put my small hands on the dress and stroked its silk designs and beautiful hung down shoulders.

With both of my hands I picked up the dress. It was a knee length dress with its shoulders pulled down; the dress had a light blue shade to it and was rather small on my body, yet, it still fit fine though. I put it on in front of my mirror and fixed my hair, which now looked like apparent horror. In my closet I found a light shade of ballet flats also blue with a bow in front and put it on. I closed the closet door once again and walked calmly down the auburn stairs gripping onto the mahogany handrails. With a silent step I touched the kitchen floor. Silently still I moved toward the fridge and opened it cautiously, as if something was ready to jump me. I had already brushed my teeth and obviously my parents were out again. There it was. A sticky note. From my parents. It was very short yet I analyzed every word over and over various times. Can I make it any more obvious? They weren’t there. Probably, I should explain what my parents do for a living. My father is a Producer so is almost always out in Japan, China, Greece, Israel, and many more places I just heard of, to find great new singers. Mother on the other hand is a very successful singer, brought on and produced by my father himself.

Whenever they would be out they would leave me a note in the fridge if it’s on weekdays and if its weekends they’ll leave it on my bedroom door. It didn’t surprise me they were out today. I turned on the stove and threw in some eggs to make an omelet. While the omelet cooked I turned on another stove and threw in some bread. That was the way I liked my bread toasted, on the stove. It always had a good taste whether alone or with its additional omelet. As I saw it finished I took out a plate, and turned off either stove. Slowly I took out the bread, being careful not to burn my fingers. Then with a fork I poked the omelet until it looked like it could stick to the fork. I put the omelet into the bread and sat down at the table. Before I knew it I was on my way out the door with my blue backpack. I locked the huge golden door and stared up at the windows that reminded me of Church windows and church glass window murals. The door was very grand the door you except to see in a mansion or old turret, probably twice the size of my family. With gorgeous decorations inside and beautiful walls and windows outside. Our house was surrounded by acres of clear green grass and dozens of oak trees. Some of the grass slumped up in a hill form. A path was made just for me leading to my school. It was an easy way for me not to leave the secrecy and privacy of my own home. The path wound up and ended a couple yards from the entrance of my school. As I made my way down the path I turned around momentarily took look at my house, and of course it toward highly so high it looked like it had the ability to touch the sky. When other people would pass by the dozens of trees on the edge of the property they would stare up in astonishment at a hugely sparkling building.

I wasn’t so impressed by this place. I turned around with a horrendous look on my pale face. With a couple more walks I was staring up at my school the only place I would be able to act bright and happy about almost everything. Its black walls were about the size about the whole first floor of my house, which in a normal person’s book would be considered huge, to me is just considered normal size. The inside of the building was painted blue in some hallways, black in others, green in some, purple in some classes, and grey in most of all. I plastered a fake smile on my face.

“Good morning.” I walked into my first period classes hallway, saluting ‘nerds’, bullies, and some teachers.

I slumped on the hallway against my locker. For a second I remembered the morning and my parent’s note it made me unusually sad. Staring at the floor I paused and frowned. Second’s later four pairs of shoes appeared near my own. Quickly I raised my head a super sweet smile coming onto my face. They were my friends or at least they call themselves my friends. I don’t trust them fully and don’t tell them what is really going on in my life. We hang out but they are jerks and bullies to almost anyone not in our circle. I never play around like them, I always help the person up when my friends push them down, and I do plenty more to reassure the person. One of them a blond who always has her hair up in a tight pony tail is named Jessica. She wore a pink sweat shirt and pants. The sweat shirt opened revealing a bright colored pink tank top. I considered her as the bully and the one always messing with people weaker than her. Next to her was a brunette who had her shoulder length hair down her name was Sage. She wore a thin orange jacket closed halfway revealing a shirt with a talking orange on it. Her pants were gray skinny jeans with matching tennis shoes. She is close to Jessica and could easily influence the rest of the group. Miranda is the short one. She has red hair and gray eyes. She follows anyone who tells her to follow her. That day she wore a zebra striped shirt and black jeans with her backpack in a new print color. Her hair had been streaked with zebra prints today. Last Annie wore a cheetah print jacket and shirt, with black pants that also had cheetah prints on them. Annie had her black hair curled with to cheetah bows on either side. Let’s just say she never regretted insulting the weaker kids, she found it just as much fun as the rest of them.

Each one had smiles plastered on their faces more so than me. Though I could actually pull it off. Jessica spoke first, “So, what’s up?” Her voice sounded squeaky at the moment like that of Minie Mouse.

“Yeah, tell us where’d you get your cute clothes?” Said Sage.

I couldn’t contain my frown. If they kept talking like that I’d explode in a scream and end frowning at them, a very terrifying scene indeed. Trying not to make it noticeable I bit my tongue. The pain kept me smiling. “It was designed just for me. Just yesterday.” I lied.

“Really? No wonder it looks like it’s meant for you!” Miranda agreed giving a total what this group called ‘the fabu’ look.

“Def. Def. It’s so for you!” Annie agreed child like. For those who don’t understand the language of the popular people Annie just said defiantly.

A bell went off filling the corridor with more noise and rushing. “Uh, class bell. I can’t believe this. Well no point standing here, let’s go girls.” Jessica rolled her eyes at the bell. It was very likely she didn’t notice I was smiling because it had rung. I mean if I had to stay in that corridor listening to them talk about my outfit I’d go mad. Literally.

We walked into our first period class which was ten to fifteen steps from our lockers. I had put my backpack away and now carried a sapphire binder in my hand. Walking in we took our seats in our circular middle table. There were single desks surrounding the middle table in a rectangular manner. Each desk separate. At the beginning of six grade we had picked that table before anyone else. To our teachers surprise he had said that by the end of the day we had been the only people to pick that table. The walls of this class were grey with a terrifyingly blue ceiling. At the front of the class, in front of our table, stood an elmo and projector in front of this a couple feet away stood a smart board. The teacher walked up to the front and slipped a paper under the projectors bright light.

The teacher was Mr. Kellies, he is one of the sixth grade English teachers and the most popularly known. A tall, very tall at the very least 6’10, middle aged man. With brown stubble under the chin forming a faint goatee, he had brown hair clinging to his scalp, in the front some hair was missing and only visible hair were dashing onto his forehead. He wore a white dressing out shirt with at least six buttons actually buttoned and three on the top and three on the bottom not. With this he wore some black pants and sandals. “Class,” he began firmly, “we have six new students. They are all siblings and not from here,” he moved his hand toward the door, “please come in.”

A group of kids walked in. “This is Alexiel,” he pointed to a girl about as tall as me. “This is Michael,” Mr. Kellies moved his hand to a boy almost a young man. “This is Gabriel.” He pointed to a smiling young man. “Rosiel.” He pointed to a light pink haired guy. “Raphael.” A guy stood apart from the group with his back to a cabinet. “And this is Uriel.” Mr. Kellies gestured to a fair haired boy.

“Hello. I’m Michael; my name means ‘Who is like God?’ Don’t answer this question because I already know your answers. Yo, Lexi your turn.” Michael had curly black hair and surprising light brown eyes. They reminded me of the sun the way they looked to have rays. His eyes also looked war blown. His skin was tanned and masculine but seemed to be scarred at the shoulders. The scars already fazing into his skin. His eyes seemed to never rest and looked wild and staggered. Surprisingly they seemed to have focused on me. He snickered like he knew something I didn’t. This made me bite my lip nervously.

Alexiel rolled her eyes at her brother. “Excuse, Michael he is what you would call stupid, naïve, annoying, old, and all together I think he lost his mind.” She had a tinge of a British accent.

“HEY!!!” Michael shouted angrily.

“I am Alexiel. I am the only girl among this group of idiots and dunderheads, sadly. I will NOT tell you the meaning of my name like I know the rest of these ridiculous brothers of mine will. Brother Gabriel, if you please.” Like I said before her accent was British very faint but audible. She was the same height as her brothers, if I could guess they would be around 6’8 each. Nope! I’m wrong the boys were 6’8 she was, on the other hand, she was the same height as me, 5’7. Her hair was a light pink and spiked up rebelliously. Her eyes were, oddly, sun splotched light brown like Michael’s. Alexiel’s eyes spun in a furry and set calmly when she saw me. Her eyes closed and she let out a pleased sigh. When she opened them again she bumped into Gabriel on accident. She fixed her eyes on me as if to make sure I hadn’t moved.

“I am Gabriel. Like sister said I will tell you the meaning of my name. My name, Gabriel, means; ‘Strong Man of God’. Commonly now it’s usually given to tricksters and naughty children. Ah, I’m glad people named children with my characteristics Gabriel. Such a suited name. Also I am very beautiful almost as much as my name.” Gabriel gloated tauntingly. Alexiel gave him one of those ‘you’re dead glares’ Jessica gives to someone who’s not like her or a nerd. “Right. Rosiel if you will.” Gabriel had shimmering light brown eyes to match those of his brothers and sister. His hair was dark brown and spiked at the top. There was something strange about his appearance. Maybe it was the strange water tattoos running up either of his hands. He wore a blue t-shirt showing off his muscles. When you looked at his neck and hands you noticed tattoos. On his hands they were swirling waves of water going up his arm and seeming to meet at his neck. He looked like a living beach! But then I looked at his siblings. I noticed it. Alexiel was also wearing a t-shirt showing off her hands which were decorated with life. Humans walking up her hands, lions pawing at the ground, you could see most animals doing something up until her neck which ended with two humans on the side of her neck. Michael had fire burning up his hand and also ending at the side of his neck. Rosiel had earthquakes and boulders up his arm yet of what I saw no tattoo on the side of his neck. Uriel had a quail and paper at the side of his neck and some words that when translated meant Knowledge is Only Mine. Raphael had white strips of wind flowing through his arms.

Rosiel walked up and hi fived his brother. “I’ll agree with my sister on this one I will not be telling the meaning of my name. I am Rosiel. I’m the third oldest among my siblings and still I do not feel bad for my sister who must hear as rambling endlessly to Father. He doesn’t like to be called that, he likes to be called…”

“Rosiel! Put a sock in it!” Michael called out angrily his eyes still on me. Gabriel’s eyes had followed the gaze of Michael, and his sister. He had the same blank stare full of knowledge.

“Ah! Yes, I have apparently said to much. Thank you brother. Raphael please be as kind as to take your turn.” Rosiel’s voice quavered. His hair was light pink like Alexiel’s and also spiked rebelliously. His eyes were the same as his brothers and sister. His eyes seemed to be focused on what his siblings looked at, guess what it was. If you guessed me, your correct. His eyes grew huge and still. They all stood there staring at me blindly. It was terrifying to me. I thought they were going to bully me or something. Rosiel wore a brown crew neck t shirt and dark jeans. His hands went into his jeans pocket but his gaze was steady unmoving. The room seemed to be moving in and squishing together. It seemed to be heating up somehow if that was even possible.

Raphael looked around the class. “I’m Raphael. My name means ‘God has Healed’. Let me just make this straight to anyone who’s wondering, all of our names me something of God. Don’t ask why. We won’t answer. It’s not like I have an answer anyway I’m still confused about how Alexiel is older than me.” Raphael looked like the angriest of them with no smile on his face. “Uriel, bro, get up here it’s your turn to talk.” Raphael looked like Michael, tanned skin and muscles. His eyes were also light brown with that sort of touch that made it look like it was overlapping the sun. He had a choker collar around his neck with bright white stubs. He came back to the cabinet and slumped down. I didn’t think he was going to look at me like his siblings, because it didn’t look like he really cared either way. Before I knew it I felt another set of eyes on me and turned my head slightly. It was Raphael.

Uriel had a beautiful smile on his face. “Hello, I am Uriel, my name means; ‘God is my Light’. I am glad to be in your class. My siblings don’t seem it but they are too. Sadly there are only six of us and no more for me to pass on. Even though I’m the oldest they decided to name me last. Sad, right?” Uriel smiled so beautifully. He had fair white hair that covered his eyes when he smiled or laughed. When I looked at his eyes I noticed they weren’t the same colors as that of his siblings. Instead his were a beautiful sky blue, so light though. With his own touch it seemed his eyes were perfectly set. He wore a white t shirt with black skinny jeans. His muscles seemed to be more impressive and much more so than that of his brothers. He carried a single thing in his hand; a scroll closed by seven red scarlet seals. He walked back to his siblings and before the teacher could talk, Alexiel whispered something in Uriel’s ear and pointed at me. I thought I was in trouble. Uriel frowned at his sister, and then looked at me. He smiled again brightly, but not at just anyone it was meant for me. I felt my stomach turn into knots. Uriel ran over to me and picked me up high.

I screeched terrified. “No mean to be rude, but, LET GO OF ME!!!” I shouted uncontrollably. Uriel was beautiful.

He looked up at me a smile still lingering in his face. If you’ve ever seen a star twinkle at night than you know how twinkly his eyes were. “I’ve missed you so much. Yet you scream at me? How rude. Here, I actually thought you’d be happy to see me. Well, aren’t you?”

I was speechless. I didn’t know what to do. His eyes looked so beautiful, and his smile was real, not the fake one I plastered on my own to seem like a lucky person. “Please, set me down.” I said more calmly.

Uriel’s eyebrows curled sadly. His bangs fell over his eyes, his smile melted away. “As you wish, Sapphie.” He set me down carefully in front of him.

Everyone in class was staring. Waiting. Some girls were fawning over Uriel. When they saw us together angry faces formed of both boys and girls. I had barely realized this, Uriel had called me Sapphie. This feeling, a feeling I didn’t know. It wasn’t just love it was also the feeling I was missing something, and it wasn’t my parents. These new students I knew from somewhere I just couldn’t figure out from where. “You-you called me Sapphie. Someone’s called me that before. He looked like….you. Where do you know me from?”

He smiled though his head was still facing the ground. “A long time ago we knew one another because you knew who you were. Then he said that you could not know this anymore because you had always wanted to be normal and not yourself. You would complain that you’re a monster and have no right to live so close to such heavenly people. He said he would put a spell on you so that you would be able to live a normal life. Now, though, we need you. So he sent us to get you back. When you try to think about what’s missing in your life what do you see?”

I thought hard. “I see…sun splotched brown eyes and black figures. Corpses I see that overall. Then when I try to think more I just see blood fog up the memory. It always makes me cry when that happens.” I recalled.

Uriel sent his hand out toward my body. He grabbed me and pulled me into a tight and warm hug. Raphael put his hand on Uriel’s shoulder. “Bro, we can show her now. He is waiting. Let’s go.”

Alexiel walked over to me and kindly smiled petting my shoulder. She grab my arm pulling me away from Uriel. “Come on Sapphire. We mustn’t go in at the same time as the boys. Or else our molecules could be spread and put into my brother’s bodies uncontrollably.”

I looked worried, I could tell. Wherever we were going I wanted to go there with Uriel. Though I still nodded.

“Wait. I’m cuter than her. How come she’s going somewhere with a bunch of hot guys? That is so not fair.” Jessica stood up with a mad expression on her once brightly lit face.

I was about to say something, but Uriel said something before I could. He stepped in front of me blocking my view of Jessica. “Have you looked in the mirror lately? I don’t mean to send you down, but God has already instructed me to say ‘your death will be soon and your place will not be Heaven, instead Hell and you will go to the pit of Hell with Pride on its walls.’ No one insults my Sapphie.”

Her eyes burned with rage and realization. “It’s not like your close to him or anything. So stop lying. I mean you’re just humans.”

Gabriel stepped up, his face was extremely serious. “My brother is not as close to him as I, but we are his Seven Archangels. Do not underestimate us.”

Miranda got up and counted them. “You said Seven, there are six of you. So, shouldn’t you do the math?”

Alexiel turned to her brothers who had serious faces with angry additions in them. “Brothers, we mustn’t. He is waiting for him, we mustn’t make him wait. We also mustn’t allow him to see his Main Angels fight against defenseless humans for our own reasons.”

“Okay, sister.” Rosiel teased.

They turned around. I just stared at them blankly. They were facing the roof of the class with their hands pointed to the corner that connected the wall to the roof. Uriel stepped in front of me his hand blocking my body.

“Seven were born. Six remain. We take with us what we have lost in the past. Bleach clouds and green grass, red roses, and singing paradise. Open at our will!” They chanted. Their hands were close together. A glowing ball formed around each. The color of each ball of light was greatly changing. Rosiel’s was brown with bits of earth surrounding it. Michael’s was burning red with a fire like exterior. Raphael’s seemed to be white and blue with currents of wind in and out of it, it was probably what made the room so windy. Alexiel’s was consumed by a peach color and animals and humans together, it seemed to be painted on there with some type of paint that had the ability to move. Gabriel’s was light and dark blue with rushing sea foam coming in and out of it. Uriel stood firmed in front of me in his hands his own light growing in between his fingers. His was white with scrawling letters and quotes from famous books. The energies that surrounded their hands they decided to let go of at the same time.

Each of their separate energies attacked the wall they had been facing. With a giant wind and a plume of dirt and smoke it all cleared up. It revealed a scene surprising even to my own thoughts. It was a portal, but not any normal portal. The portal was bright white with words encircling it in an old Roman and Hebrew writing style. The ‘spell’ they had said before was etched in those letters in a deep black ink. Inside of it white light blazed as bright as the sun itself. For some while it hurt to look at it. The light dimmed when it swirled six times. Michael went in first, then Alexiel, Gabriel, Rosiel, Raphael and then ended with Uriel. Our classmates stared at the portal with surprise. Almost as much as I had.

As I stood there my mouth opened staring at the swirling portal, a hand came out. It was Uriel’s hand yearning me forward. I grabbed it and entered the portal, not knowing what I had just gotten myself into.

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