Running From Love and Sharks is the Third Installment of the Carson Rodke Series.


To my Reading and Language Class for finding my stories Entertaining. To Mrs. Yost, for without, this story wouldn't've been born.

Running From Love and Sharks By Pirakafreak24Edit

Yes, its me, Carson Rodke, stuck in another situation. Those sharks behind me? Oh no, I'm not trying to get away from them as much as her. I met her in DisneyLand. Her name is Jenny. I think she loves me. Actually, I know it. She's been following everywhere. I ran as fast as I could, but she managed to catch up. I'm on Lake Orovile and well, things aren't going well. She's chasing me with sharks. This girl is crazy! I just have to get away! Its a good thing I had a bow and arrow. Guns are stupid. I turned arround on my jetski and shot at the sharks. Killed them. Good. Now to get away from her. I've never had a girlfriend, so I've never had to let anyone down. I quickly raced to shore and hopped on a motor cycle. It was an hour and a half to the airport, but I was good on gas. Once I got to the airport, I got a plane to head back to Disney Land.

Hours Later.....

Ok, I'm back in DisneyLand, and I'm lost in the crowd. She could be right behind me and I wouldn't know it.........To Be Continued......................

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