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The events that you are about to read are all futuristic events. Meaning, none of this has ever happened and hopefully most events won't ever happen. The events here take place in 2150. All terrorist groups were long gone after USA conducted a grand mission. The president of the states in 2050, Dock Gonzalez, ordered all troops to go into enemy territory and eliminate the terrorist groups. Hundreds of soldiers died during this mission, but in the end, the mission was completed successfully. Fifty years later, after fifty years of nothing but peace, Cancer and Heart Disease were finally cured. Even stroke wasn't feared, for scientists and doctors found a way to stop that too!

Despite this, accidents and old age were not the major causes of death for many individuals. No, the cause was much more worse. This killer brought fear to many individuals from 2100 to the current time. They were not even poisonous animals or insects. No, the true killers were our own food. Vegetarians and meat eaters were all in danger of this killer. The cause? No one knows how it happened, but during a study conducted when the killer first appeared, a biological poison was found in them. It was called biological because every type of food had it. Scientists looked into plants and animals to attempt to find a cause, and the answer was found. All animals and plants had this same type of poison within them, but they were not affected. Somehow, this poison only affected humans, like it was made for them.

What were the side affects of this poison, if there were any? There were stages, because if there weren't, a study would have never been conducted because everyone would have been dead. Stage 1, a cold. The cold would be in effect for about a week and then stop. Stage 2 won't come for a year though. When stage 2 comes, paralysis would occur. Only the head could be moved, including the parts of the face. Stage 3 comes five years later, a coma that lasts for two months. When the victim awakes, he or she has entered stage 4 and the paralysis is gone. Stage 4 is categorized as the time of a newborn. The victim acts as a newborn baby, crying all the time and not understanding anything. Only wanting the comfort of their thumb and their care provider. Stage five occurs after one year of stage 4. This is the final stage, where the victim commits becomes a maniac, killing everything in their way, right before the brain and heart stop functioning one hour after stage 5 appears.

This poison acts like a disease because of its stages. Most newborns, however, would die during stage 1 because their immune system isn't fully developed to handle the cold. That is why scientists developed a way to stop the progress of the poison immediately after it enters the body. This chemical was injected to all newborns immediately after birth and to all the civilians of the world for free, including people in jail. It has also been discovered that the first bite of food injects the poison, all other bites for the rest of the individual's life does not inject it, the poison from those bites immediately goes away. The chemical that scientists developed to stop the progress of the poison, or disease, lasts up to fifty years.

Now, people do not have to worry about the poison for fifty years of their lives and could live on in peace and harmony. However, scientists are still trying to find out how the poison/disease appeared and a way to kill it before the fifty years are up for the individual. Finally, those who are in stage 4 are immediately sent to an asylum where they are stuck in a solitary confinement room, in order to prevent the dangers of stage 5.

Chapter 1: The School's Concert PerformanceEdit

"Life is hard sometimes. Sometimes, people can't accept the fact that there is poison in them, and they just kill themselves before age 50. Sometimes, other people just don't care about the world around them and commit gruesome crimes. Others are poor, and must steal to survive or steal in order to be in jail and survive. Others live in peace and harmony until age 50, and then commit suicide. Finally, there are those who just live their life to the fullest until the end of stage 5 or till they die by another cause. What are you then? Are you evil? Are you scared of the poison? Or are you going to live your life to the fullest? This is a question we must all answer during life. It's unfortunate, but there are some people who never get the chance to answer this question, because, they die when they are too young to even understand. I'm Jack Gonzalez and this is how I view life." Jack said.

Jack, an average sized, eighteen year old, boy with blond hair, green eyes, a t-shirt with Einstein on it, blue jeans, and blue shoes, sat back down to his seat after giving his speech. All the other nineteen students clapped for him. Mr. Rodriguez, a bald forty year old teacher with black eyes, and a complete black business suit, clapped as well and stood up. He then said, "Thank you for your speech Jack. Everyone has a different perspective on life. Jack here has a perspective of his own based on everyone. Does anyone have any comments for Jack?"

After seeing that no one raised their hand to comment, Mr. Rodriguez went on and said, "Okay, then. No comments then. Anyway, I have been planning this for a while now. I am planning to start a concert that each and everyone one of you must participate in." Many of the kids started to argue, but Mr. Rodriguez clapped his hands, making everyone stop talking, and then said, "I don't want to hear it. You have all been assigned this because, you, twelfth graders in Blueberry High, are going to obtain a free full scholarship. However, in order to get one, you must participate in events such as these. It's a concert, so tell me what instrument you'd like to play. You can also choose to sing if you like."

Mr. Rodriguez pointed to a clipboard on his desk and every student went up to sign. Jack stood up and waited until everyone else was done so he can pick an instrument. He looked at the list and saw that Charles White and Vanessa White chose to be a singing duo. It was only natural, since they were both siblings and great singers. Jack looked back and looked at Charles. He, eighteen years old, had orange short hair, freckles, glasses, and green eyes. His shirt had Batman on it and he was wearing blue jeans. His shoes were also Batman shoes. Jack then looked at eighteen year old Vanessa, with her orange, long, straight hair, freckles, green eyes, and a pink dress. She was wearing pink gloves and pink high heels. It was beyond Jack's understanding of why high heels were allowed at school, but he didn't care. Charles was his best friend and Vanessa was the girl of his dreams. He then looked right back at the list, saw there was a spot for violin, and signed up.

After Jack sat down, Mr. Rodriguez smiled and said, "Great work everyone! I hope you practice a lot at home, because the concert is in two weeks from now. Don't forget this, you're not the only ones going out there. I have the other groups of twelfth graders participating in this concert. You will receive an email on the appropriate attire tonight. Please check it. Now, your homework tonight is to simply prepare for the concert. That is all." The bell rung and everyone but Jack and Mr. Rodriguez left the room.

"Mr. Rodriguez, I have something to tell you about. It's something personal, so please take it seriously." Jack said, nervously. Mr. Rodriguez nodded and said, "Of course, I'll take it seriously. What is it you want to tell me?" Jack thought for a bit, shook his head, and said, "Sorry, Mr. Rodriguez, but nevermind. I'll see you next class." Jack quickly stood up, grabbed his green backpack, and left the classroom, leaving Mr. Rodriguez to wonder what just happened.

Chapter 2: PracticingEdit

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