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The StoryEdit

Ran Chylde silently watched the canvas of stars move under the bow of the cargo transport Gideon's Fall. It was par for the course for her when she was thinking to star out of the porthole in her cabin.

Ran had been aboard the Gideon's Fall for nearly a solar month, and she was becoming restless. But today was the day she'd arrive in the Vega system, ending her twenty-six day journey. Suddenly, she turned from the porthole, her implants were picking up the footsteps of someone coming down the hallway outside of her cabin. No doubt it was Ansel Cray, a member of the loading crew that had since taken a liking to Ran.

He annoyed the living hell out of her. But no-- she could tell now from the pattern of the footsteps who it was. And it definitely wasn't Ansel Cray.

Ran felt her heart jump. She was here already? They hadn't even entered the Vega system yet. Hell, Ran hadn't even realized that the Gideon's Fall has taken on another passenger! She quickly ran to a small codebox sitting on her nightstand, and picked it up carefully. After all, the contents of the codebox were immensely valuable. But soon, her responsibility would end, and she could pass it along, and never had to look back.

After this, she was home free.

The door chimed, indicating that someone was waiting outside. Ran slowly walked to the door, took a deep breath, and opened it.

--Ex Machina

Ran opened the door to see the bouncing spherical cyborg. It had the Vega logo on it, and an input waited for Ran to validate her ID while validating the cyborg's own. She inserted a chip inside, and it flashed green. She sighed, though she doubted it wasn't from Vega, and handed it the codebox. The cyborg quickly imploded, so that it could travel through the ship quickly and return to its origin. Ran walked to her nightstand and contacted Vega, there were so many unneeded steps of validation. The signal was busy, and scans showed an odd electric field around the Gideon's Fall.

Serprex 23:41, 22 February 2007 (UTC)

"Damn," she swore. She tapped the implant at the base of her jaw, indicating that she wished to communicate on the Gideon's Fall's local comms network. "Hey, what's going on up there?" she said, her voice travelling to the bridge. "I can't reach Vega."

"Not sure," came the reply from Nadya Smith, the comms officer. "We were fine until about two minutes ago. Then the energy levels spiked, and we've got an electromagnetic field encircling the Fall."

"Origin?" Ran asked.

"We're still trying to figure that out. Long range scans and comms are out. It's also like going through molasses. The Fall is moving at a snail's pace."

Ran sighed. This did not bode well. "I'm coming up," she said.

--Ex Machina

Before Ran could reach the bridge though, as the cyborg had failed in remaining imploded and now blocked the hall. She turned the other way, but stopped as she realized the electromagnetic field must of killed the cyborg. She would have to find the codebox, and hoped it hadn't been destroyed.

"Ran?Are you alright?"The voice seemed a little nervous, which was a lot since they were all trained so that the more dangerous a situation became the more calm they became. Ran paused, however, since the codebox was not to even be discussed with her crew.

"Ya,timing was bad so I'm a little held back. I'll be fine."Ran tried to sound calm, but the field itself made the ship's artificial atmoshere act up.

"Do you need assistence?"The voice was concerned, but Ran cursed under her breath as she tried to get them to lay off.

"No. Just get the ship to safety, I'll be fine."Ran started to review the cyborg's implosion algorithm, and hoped she could find the codebox soon enough.

User:Serprex 00:14, 21 March 2007 (UTC)

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