Robert Anderson is a teacher at White Knoll High School in Lexington, South Carolina. He teaches classes like IBA 1 and 2.

Fictional StoriesEdit

Stranded on an Island: Life in Reality 1-Cook IslandsEdit

Robert started out on the Aitutonga tribe, then ended up on the merged Puka Puka tribe, then the final 6 Rarotonga tribe. He ended up being voted out via a tie on Day 38.

Stranded on an Island: Life in Reality 2-FijiEdit

He started on the Moto tribe, then end up on the merged Buto tribe. He ended up winning the game over Laura & Oliver, his finalist teammates.

The Amazing Race: Fictional StyleEdit

He was paired up with Ms. Covington, former adim of WKHS. He ended up eliminated with her in 7th place.

Fictional Big Brother 1Edit

He was one of the twelve starting houseguests and ended being nominated three times, winning Head of Household the week before his eviction. He ended being evicted by Maria, who took Scott to the final 2. He chose Scott to win when he voted with the other six members of the jury. He was the seventh member of the jury.

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