Naomi: September 4th, 2008Edit

Hi. My name is Naomi, and I’m sixteen years old – but not for tonight. Tonight I’m going to Fur in DC with my two best friends Sandra and Carl, and some other kid Bruce for my seventeenth birthday. I bought a fake last month in the city, and I’ve been dying to use it ever since. The only downside is the girl in the picture looks way older, so I need to really dress up.

I looked into my closet, and every article of clothing looked hopeless. Luckily, my older sister Mia was out with her boyfriend. I could borrow some of hers. I crept into her room so Mom wouldn’t see me, and started to look through her closet. YES. I found the perfect mini-skirt. It was dark denim with a rhinestone heart on the back right pocket. I searched for a top, and found a lacey black sleeveless top. Luckily, I owned black patent pumps to compliment the outfit. Mia would definitely notice missing shoes for a night. I looked at the clock, and saw it was 5:45. I had to start getting ready!

As I was in the shower, I contemplated exactly what I’d tell Mom. I got it. I would tell her that I was going to Sandra’s for a sleepover with a few of our girlfriends. So, as soon as I got out of the shower, I told Mom I was getting ready to head to Sandra’s for the night. Thank God she had no suspicions or questions – that always makes me choke. I got dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt, packed my nightclub attire and makeup, and headed out the door to meet up with my friends at Carl's.

Carl: September 4th, 2008Edit

Hey diary, it's Carl. Today is September 4th, and Rachel, Bruce, Sandra, and I are ready to rage tonight for Naomi’s seventeenth birthday! We are going to get real drunk, tear the dance floor up at the club, and have a great time. My best friend hooked me up with a nice Virginia fake ID to use tonight. I should be able to get into the club with ease and have a great time. Bruce is going to be able and get a hotel room for us to start pregaming and a place to go to after the club. Luckily, my parents think I am playing poker all night at Zach’s. Everyone is almost at my house. As soon as they are, we are heading out!

Sandra: September 4th, 2008Edit

My name is Sandra, and I’m so excited for tonight! It’s Naomi’s seventeenth birthday, and Carl, Bruce, and I are taking her out to a club in DC. Bruce is already eighteen years old, so he has a legit ID, but Carl and Naomi are using their new fake ID's that they finally got last week, and I just borrowed my twenty-one year old sisters ID. It’s Thursday, September 4th, and since it's college night at Fur Night Club, we’re going there for the night! I’m so excited! I’ve been there before with my sister's friends, and it was a ton of fun. Of course, I couldn’t tell my parents where I was going since I am underage, so I just told my mom that Naomi’s parents were letting a few of her girlfriends over for a birthday slumber party. Seriously, who has slumber parties anymore? Uh, not I! Of course my naïve mother believed it though.

Bruce got us a hotel room right in DC, and we surprised Naomi with it. We started getting ready around 8:00. After Naomi and I got our make-up on and everything, all four of us started poppin’ bottles and pregamed. Since it was Naomi’s birthday, she wanted to party hard, and I guess we lost track of how much she drank.

Naomi: Carl’s Place/FurEdit

I got to Carl’s and I quickly rushed into the bathroom to change. As I came out, Sandra told me they planned a little surprise for me – A HOTEL ROOM TO PREGAME. This night couldn’t possibly get any better. We headed over in Bruce’s pickup to the Sheraton in DC. There, they had bottles of champagne and Grey Goose. It was crazy. I took some shots, and drank champagne with Sandra. I was feeling buzzed to say the least. I snatched the Grey Goose for the ride to Fur.

Wow, am I dizzy. A good dizzy though. Haha. I chugged that good shit for about a minute straight. Sandra grabbed the bottle out of my hands – BITCH. Finally we arrived at Fur. The flashing lights were hypnotizing. I was dancing, and I lost track of who was around me. I think we walked over to the bar…I don’t friggin’ know. I think I got a Malibu Bay Breeze. I love those things! Oh God. Ew. Not feelin’ so hot. I looked for Sandra. There she is. Oh crap. I puked on her shoes…

Sandra: PARTAY!Edit

Carl got us a cab to the club, and at this point I was really starting to feel the booze in my system. When we got in line, Naomi kept saying she wanted more drinks and I promised her I would buy her some once we got inside, if we got inside, that is. I started getting anxious, even though I’ve done this before; it was just all very nerve wrecking. But I sucked it up and walked up to the bouncer with poise and confidence. The bouncer was not cute! But I had to flirt with him to make sure Naomi and Carl would get in without any complications. Bruce paid for all of us and once we got into the club, we all went straight to the bar. After a few martinis, we all went straight to the dance floor and danced for a little. Then that’s when it all happened…

Carl: WOOT!Edit

I’m standing in line at the club and scared out of my pants to use my fake ID. Hopefully it works well or my night will be ruined.

It worked perfectly! The guy seemed like he knew I could barely even vote, but as they say, money talks.

Inside of the club is crazy! There are three floors and each one has a different theme. Downstairs was just a typical dance floor with some bars, the second floor had a Hawaiian flare and my favorite was the rooftop. On the roof you could see a good portion of the city and having the fresh air was a great relief.

Naomi: Holy Cross HospitalEdit

I opened my eyes, and all I saw was bright whiteness. Am I dead?! Holy hell!

Carl: Oh GodEdit

I thought I had boozed pretty hard but Naomi is not looking good at all. She is real pale and can’t make any sense or walk. I guess it could be due to all the shots we were pushing her way since it's her birthday. Once we get out of this taxi that reeks of our pepperoni pizza, we are throwing her right into a cold shower.

She is in the shower and does not look any worse or any better. We are trying to feed her some water but that is near impossible. Only time will tell and hopefully things are fine but I am banged up and it's 4:45 a.m., So, I am NOT going to the hospital. No way.

Sandra: This sucksEdit

Naomi started throwing up everywhere and I had to get her to the bathroom. Ughh, it was so gross. There was no way we could get her out of the club unnoticed, but I saw an exit door in the bathroom that hopefully led outside, so I took Naomi out. I called Bruce and Carl and we got a cab to go back to the hotel. I think I was the only one who was panicking, it was so annoying. Carl and Bruce just passed out on the floor and didn’t even care to help me out. They said they were mad because they had to leave the club early. They are so dumb! Who the hell cares if they were mackin’ on some girls they had just met! They’re whack! Naomi wasn’t throwing up anymore, but she wasn’t waking up either. I didn’t know what to do!! I called so many people and someone told me to throw cold water on her face and someone told me to put her in the shower. It wasn’t until 10AM the next morning (about 6 hours later) that I finally called my sister. She told me to get Naomi to a hospital and I really did not want to do that. I tried waking Bruce and Carl up, but Bruce just opened his eyes and smiled, then fell asleep. What a nutcase! Whatever, that was their loss to pay for the hotel.

Holy Cross Hospital was crazy Friday morning, but luckily since Naomi was basically on her death bed, the ER took her in right away. Carl finally started texting me, not even asking how Naomi was, but to ask why we left without paying the hotel rent. WTF? He was definitely cut from my life!

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