This Restoration of the Russian Empire Timeline which pick up off the New Map Game, 1280, but will be set from 1696-1725, with the world situation unchanged.


Empire of russia restoration part 1
  • A chramastic indivual, by the name of Peter, rises to power in the Russian states as King of Muscowy, Chief Merchant of Novograd, Chief Merchant of the Russian Trade Federation, King of Georgia, Grand Duke of Komi, Chieftain of the Siberian and Eastern Russian Nomads, President of the Kamatchken Republic, and Governor of the Republic of Alaska. He combines all these Russian territories into the Kingdom of Russia, with himself as absolute king for life. Peter will eventually be known as Peter the Great, for restoring Russian prestige, extending the state's territory, and instigating major reforms. Sweden and Byzantine Rome, the superpowers in Eastern Europe at the time, (and the same countries who had defeated Russia during the Eastern European Wars of 1256-1265), are afraid and begin plans to invade Russia. Meanwhile, Peter instigates reforms within Russia, establishing a Western-European like military code, introducing European tactics and technology, and also implementing European uniforms. Peter also brought in Prussian and German military experts.


  • Peter I of Russia embarks on a tour around Europe. He visits Sweden, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Byzantine Rome, Prussian Germany, and France. The king secretly gathers vast amounts of information on those countries fortifications, military tactics, and military organization. Peter I is clearly also preparing for war. The king returns to Russia before the end of the year.
  • Minor border skrmishes between Russian and Ukranian forces begin. Peter I denies responsibility for these incidents, and even makes "small" attempts to stop them. Sweden and Byzantine Rome believe Russia is lying and threaten to use military force unless Russia concedes. Peter I refuses.


  • Peter I of Russia formed a military alliance with France, Bepi Gahinya, and the Almohades, intent on bottling up Byzantine Rome and Sweden. The king also prepared his forces for a assault against Sweden, Byzantine Rome, Belarus, and Ukraine. The Swedes and Byzantines prepare for an assault against Russia.

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