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Individual γ-768 reporting on the happenings of dates 364/281/23 through 364/290/23 from the surface of object number 0004-P in system #0000897/02. I trust the quality of communications is acceptable. I have successfully resolved the task that was assigned to me.

I have finished my movement toward the planet in date 364/281/23, as planned but setbacks in the landing procedures of the transport craft and my subsequent activation have caused a minor delay in my landing.

As soon as I was activated, Δ-221 warned me of these facts. Apparently, collisions with unforeseen space debris had diverted us slightly from the planned route, a change of route that its sensors were unable to detect until the moments it prepared for approach, and, checking our position by triangulating the radio emissions of nearby analyzed pulsars, discovered our misplacement.

There was, however, plenty of reaction fuel left within its deposits, and corrections could be made without problems. As soon as we landed, I checked structural damage, and apart from very minor damage to one engine, the collisions seemed to have affected only outer structural systems. Virtually no damage to vitals. I have tasked Σ-8897 to repairing the damaged systems, and set out.

In the interests of the continued information of our analysts, I shall try to make this report as extensive as possible. 0004-P/#0000897/02 is a small planet orbiting a standard yellow star, with mass about 1.3568 that of Sol. Due to tidal effects of the planet’s two natural satellites, major type C bodies, and single star (already described) the world is tide-locked. One of its faces is permanently directed at its star, and the other is permanently facing away the star. Please ask the informers for further data, in case you feel my explanation is not technical enough.

As was planned by you in year 332, position 3 of the second rotation, 0004-P/#0000897/02 was to house an experimental particle collider that was to be used in the production of antimatter in industrial scale and a research centre to analyze what uses the antimatter could be put to.

However, soon after the massive installations of energy transformation were completed, there was a ‘’correction’’ of the plan, when great deposits of silver, nickel and alluminium were discovered on the planet. Resources scarce in sector number 00076 of the second arm of galaxy 000001.

A plan was made to build a great mining complex, to be powered by the large amounts of solar radiation on the light side of the planet. A plan that is being carried out since year 340, position 4 of the first rotation. As I arrived in 0004-P/#0000897/02, I made an initial survey of the area.

The planet’s atmosphere is residual, due to lack of strong gravitational pull, most elements have already been lost to the void. This posed little problem to the planners of the settlement, as we have had much experience with mechanisms that don’t require atmosphere in our operations in the Kuiper belt of system #0000001/01.

(The lack of gravity was a more problematic, as none of the operations of the Kuiper belt required our mechanisms to remain on the surface of the objects. I was fortunate in this area, though, as the lack of atmosphere made it impossible for me to use either rotors or electricity-based ionizers to keep myself afloat, and I had to rely on the expulsion of reaction mass. Needless to mention, my limited fuel would make long-range travel impossible in an environment with higher gravity acceleration index.)

All the problems were solved, however, and the installations are already at 78% capacity, it is expected that, now that I have completed my task, the construction phase ends in approximately 5.673 years. After that, the operational phase will begin, and we can expect an extraction of around 3827 tonnes regularly, every rotation, to be used in other projects.

All major installations are located on the dark side of the planet, due to the belief that the high levels of continuous radiation may damage the more sensitive systems of our anatomy. The energy transformers, are, however, constructed to withstand the high levels of radiation, and have built-in redundant systems, so we can reasonably expect only occasional maintenance.

Personally, I believed that such fears are, at best, greatly exaggerated, and would like to propose research on this area as a future project to be undertaken.

After conducting the survey, I left Δ-221’s position definitely, and proceeded to report to α-790, the local administrator.

It wasn’t a long discussion, the one I had with it, but it left me a lasting memory. I must say that I was especially impressed with the elegance of its syntactic algorithms, truly something I wouldn’t expect from an older unit as itself.

At any rate, the informations provided by α-790 were the following:

- On 364/250/23, one of the mining centres, specifically mining centre 0005, ceased to send signals to the main control centre. α-790 sent γ-258, the only analyser in the whole planet, to assess the situation.

- After conducting interviews with Tau models that worked in that sector’s mines, he found that none of them noticed anything strange, the Sigma in charge of the mining centre were, however, in no conditions to inform anything, its seat of consciousness was destroyed.

- The centre itself hadn’t been destroyed, only the communication array had been irreparably damaged. This was a relief, as complete destruction would lead to a setback of at least 7.54 years in the construction schedule.

- None of the internal systems of the centre was destroyed, and no materials were lacking in its storage. There was no sign of wanton vandalism or natural causes to the destruction of the array.

- γ-258 was baffled as to what could possibly cause this kind of surgical destruction. No other forms of life were reported on 0004-P/#0000897/02, biological or otherwise, and certainly none with the sentience that the strike at the communications array suggested.

- Furthermore, nothing was stolen, nor was the sudden cut on communications exploited in any way, by anyone. Be it a rogue AI or some extra-planetary saboteur.

- The destruction of Σ-229 also could not be explained in a satisfactory way. It certainly posed no danger to whatever it was that destroyed the array, nor it was equipped with the long-range communication antenna necessary to report the damage to the administrator without using the centre’s own array.

- Σ-229’s husk was picked up by a Delta-Sigma, for scheduled recycling. The recycling was not completed until my arrival, as there was already a surplus of materials in the central storage. Only the sound synthesizer was taken, to be used as a temporary fix to the loudspeaker on mining centre 0002.

I queried α-790 as to what had happened to the remains of Σ-229’s seat of consciousness. It pointed out that they were brought to the storage of the analysing centre.

I then asked if γ-258 had produced any reports before its demise. My interlocutor informed me that, with all the recent incidents, it didn’t have time to check a thing so comparatively unimportant in the planetary Agenda of Priorities. Still, it informed me that it was glad that Luna could send someone to investigate the incidents so quickly, as setbacks were piling up, and the construction project must be finished by, at most, 370/173/29, when other projects planned to be carried out within this sector will be in necessity of the resources produced here.

Needless to mention, to be responsible of such setback in the project would be the source of endless shame for even a Tau or a Delta, but for an Alpha, from which so much is, understandably, expected, it would be probably reason enough to request a retasking, one’s abilities empirically proven to be lesser than one’s responsibilities.

α-790 then proceeded to affirm, possibly as a justification, that it had scoured its databases again and again but could find no possible correlation to the facts as they were present on 0004-P/#0000897/02. It has checked its gallery of past examples and even sent a query to the central databases of Luna, but the answer, a few weeks later, was simply that no matches were found.

It is the belief of many that the central databases of Luna possess the complete categorization of all knowledge that our analysers ever gathered, and that every occasion in which no matches are found are due to errors by the querier. I can, however, affirm with certainty that, while the answer was indeed within the database, and the querier committed no error, no matches were found. The problem in this case was then, structural to the database, and, upon my return, I am prepared, if I may, to provide some pointers with possible changes that would make searches more efficient.

Back to the report: I moved to the analysing centre.

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